Dietrich von Bern

Dietrich von Bern:

see Theodoric the GreatTheodoric the Great,
c.454–526, king of the Ostrogoths and conqueror of Italy, b. Pannonia. He spent part of his youth as a hostage in Constantinople. Elected king in 471 after his father's death, he became involved in intrigues in which he was by turns the ally and the
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For the present reviewer, whose first close acquaintance with the poems dealing with Dietrich von Bern goes back to the acquisition, more than forty years ago, of the two-volume set of Friedrich Heinrich von der Hagen's Heldenbuch: Altdeutsche Heldenlieder aus dem Sagenkreise Dietrichs von Bern and der Nibelungen (Leipzig: Schultze, 1855), the appearance of this, the first volume of a new series of editions of the historical epics, is most welcome, and indeed the book may expect a warm reception generally.
It seems a long time since we had a readable introduction to the extensive corpus of medieval poems dealing with Dietrich von Bern.
One group deals with the Ostrogothic sagas of Ermenrich (Ermanaric), Etzel (Attila), and Dietrich von Bern, who is its central figure and the ideal type of German medieval hero.