Difference Tone

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difference tone

[′dif·rəns ‚tōn]
A combination tone whose frequency equals the difference of the frequencies of the pure tones producing it.

Difference Tone


a combination tone of frequency ω1 - ω2 that arises in a nonlinear acoustic system when two sound waves of frequencies ω1 and ω2, respectively, act on the system.

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As indicated in the first measure of Example 10, the difference tone between the two generative pitches [C.
The arrows in Example 10 show that the introduction of new pitches is gradually reduced since partials and difference tones are increasingly used as generative pitches in subsequent sections.
As indicated by the following basic equation, the frequencies present in an FM spectrum are all summation and difference tones between the carrier and modulating frequencies:
Example 13 shows the summation and difference tones resulting from the preceding formula.