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The approach is built up by introducing the notion of differential form in an abstract and formal way.
So we repeat formula (6) written as a differential form with the constants left out
The exponential form similarity functions reduce the governing partial differential equations to their ordinary differential form.
The stretcher is provided with 4 independent motorizations that allow to decrease to the minimum the tensions of the knitted fabric through the overfeeding that is possible also in differential form between the two sides.
These techniques use numerical methods based on solving electromagnetic equations in their integral or differential form.
Besides, a generic quantitative relationship between QoE and QoS in a complete differential form of the function will be proposed and evaluated.
The Maxwell equations are given in a compact and elegant form [30-32] in terms of the four-dimensional differential form representation.
In the case of either a differential form or a multivector field formulas (2.
All these cohomology classes are represented by closed differential form, and they generate the characteristic cohomology ring of P.
The mathematical model consists of several groups of equations in matrix and differential form as given in (Jadric, Francic, 1995):
The objective of this article is to assess the predictive capabilities of two nonlinear viscoelastic constitutive models in differential form.

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