Differentiating Device

Differentiating Device


a device used to obtain the derivative with respect to time of a value fed into the device. The input value may be a variable angle of rotation of a shaft or a variable electrical quantity. The output signal of a differentiating device

characterizes the rate of change of the input value.

Differentiating devices are used in computer equipment, as well as in automatic control systems. The devices are classified as mechanical (frictional and centrifugal), electrical (differentiating circuits and active electronic differentiating elements), or electromechanical (tachometer alternators or DC generators).


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The BridgeCo ENA is truly designed to allow the manufacturer the ability to quickly integrate the differentiating device functionality needed, yet get the product to market in an optimal timeframe," enthused Tim Ryan, President of M-Audio.
ART's smARTspeak XG's embedded solution using TI's OMAP platform will significantly assist in differentiating device functionality.
This level of flexibility will help 'future proof' customers' investments as new, more advanced hardware comes to market and ensure the flexibility to create differentiating devices both in the short and long term.