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A device whose output function is proportional to the derivative, or rate of change, of the input function with respect to one or more variables.



(also derivator or derivimeter), a device for determining directions of tangents and normals at particular points on arbitrary curves. The differentiator-triangle is most widely used. At the vertex of the right angle is a column with an optical system for the precise mounting of the device. An arc indicates the scale dividing the angle in degrees (protractor). Sleeves are fixed parallel to the legs of the right angle through which markings are made to construct the tangent or normal to the particular curve.

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The Differentiator. Consider the class of signals [G.sub.[DELTA]], containing time functions [sigma] : [R.sub.+] [right arrow] R having continuous first-order [[sigma].sup.(1)] and second-order [[sigma].sup.(2)] derivatives and a third-order derivative which exists almost everywhere and is bounded: that is, [absolute value of [[sigma].sup.(3)] (t)] [less than or equal to] [DELTA], [for all]t [greater than or equal to] 0, for some nonnegative constant [DELTA].
Al-Sahn elaborates: "After-sales is one of the strongest differentiators we offer; our sales figures mean nothing without after-sales service, parts availability and access to ongoing customer care." While he recognises that some Qatari companies purchase vehicles from the UAE, he asks: "Who is supporting them here in Qatar?
DIFFERENTIATOR: Rapid product development defines EFI's approach to growth.
As far as time complexity is concerned, the times consumed in finding optimal solutions for 3rd order differentiator operators by all the three EAs for different sets of ([N.sub.p] * [N.sub.g]) have been also registered and are given below.
Garner also argued that price match promotions such as Asda's 'Price Guarantee', Sainsbury's 'Brand Match' and Tesco's 'Price Promise' have meant that cost is less of a differentiator and shoppers cannot be convinced to switch outlets based on cost alone.
The media statement went on to say, "By studying the world's best workplaces, GPTW has learned that trust is the key differentiator among top companies and that the same applies to all organisations regardless of geography, culture, industry, size or age.
The retailer is aiming for a deep connection with pet owners (almost two-thirds of American households have a pet or pets, ASPCA notes) as a true differentiator.
Bright, creative people will increasingly be a competitive differentiator.
The main differentiator among 7702B LTC riders is whether the rider pays by an indemnity model or reimbursement model.
Q: As ISO 13485 certification has become virtually a requirement for medical device suppliers, what is/will be the next significant differentiator?
"Our ability to team and bring together the best talent across the continent to meet our client needs is a key differentiator."
In-flight entertainment can be a crucial differentiator on long international flights Airlines know that in-flight entertainment N based on seat-back digital screens or even widescreen monitors in some premium long-haul cabins N can be a crucial differentiator on international flights.