Diffusion Processes

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Diffusion Processes


processes that occur during the displacement of the smallest particles of matter (atoms, ions, and molecules) or of their complexes because of the tendency toward an equilibrium distribution of the migrating particle concentrations within a given volume.

The exchange of particles between materials in different states of aggregation may take place during diffusion processes—that is, the phenomena of adsorption and desorption, solution and crystallization, and drying may occur. Diffusion processes also form the basis of such industrial operations as powder sintering (for example, in powder metallurgy), thermal treatment of metals, chemical-thermal treatment of metals (case hardening and nitriding), homogenization of alloys, and diffusion coating. The importance of diffusion processes increases in connection with the necessity of producing special materials for the developing areas of technology, such as atomic power engineering and space travel. Knowledge of the relationships governing the diffusion processes makes it possible to avoid undesirable changes in structures that occur under the influence of high temperatures, large loads, and irradiation.


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A thermal process has to take place in order to initiate diffusion processes between the joining partners.
He considers parametric and nonparametric inference problems for fractional diffusion processes when a complete path of the process over a finite interval is observable.
Next-Generation Pressure-Insensitive MFC for Etch, CVD, PVD and Diffusion Processes Enables Exceptionally Fast Response and Higher Yields
The core idea of this paper is that standard diffusion processes do not just constitute a way of describing location dynamics.
In the second section we focus on the diffusion processes of mobile communications technologies and their determinants in transition economies.
This article posits that diffusion processes are occurring in the uptake of web technologies in main-stream teaching at four levels: global, institutional, teaching staff, and students.
Here, the thermoplastic component is overmolded onto the cured elastomer; because of diffusion processes, the two materials join without using external bonding agents.
For the semiconductor industry, LUXTRON's yield-enhancing products fall into two categories: in situ endpoint monitors that detect process endpoints in dry (plasma) etch, wet etch, and chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) systems; and fiber optic temperature sensors used in plasma etch, sputtering, CVD, PVD, EPI, RTP, and diffusion processes.
By means of computer graphics, their model--based on diffusion processes in nonliving chemical systems--produces patterns quite similar to those observed in live bacteria.
He combines many of those applications into a single volume, including Brownian motion, diffusion processes, and Levy flights.

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