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Ileal digesta was collected continuously for 12 h from 08:00 to 20:00 h on d 8 and 9 according to procedures described by Zeng et al [20].
Several techniques have been used to determine volatile fatty acids (VFA) absorption in vivo, such as the collection of portal blood (1); intraruminal infusion of radioactive (2) or stable VFA isotopes (3, 4); rumen evacuation and infusion of VFA into the washed ventral sac (5); continuous infusion of nonlabeled VFA into the intact ruminal digesta (6); and pulse-dose of valeric acid plus a marker of fluid passage (7) which may be mixed with the evacuated digesta (8) or mixed in locus (9).
Patterson (2010) Effects of dietary copper, citric acid, and microbial phytase on digesta pH and ileal and carcass microbiota of broiler chickens fed a low available phosphorus diet.
Once the feed particles are reduced in size, the reticulum allows portions of the digesta to move to the omasum.
where [T.sub.d] = the titanium dioxide (Ti[O.sub.2]) concentration in the diet, [T.sub.f] = the Ti[O.sub.2] concentration in the excreta or ileal digesta, [N.sub.f] = the nutrient concentration in the excreta or ileal digesta, and [N.sub.d] = the nutrient concentration in the diet.
Morrison, "Improved extraction of PCR-quality community DNA from digesta and fecal samples," BioTechniques, vol.
Bioassay technique is extensively used to determine digestibility of AA in a single test either by collecting ileal digesta or excreta.
This analyzer can quantify all 24 of the amino acids present in the sample whether it is an ingredient, compound feed, blood or the digesta sample.
Within Proteobacteria, the gut digesta (61-70%), egested fecal pellets (52-87%), and tank water (36%) were dominated by class Gammaproteobacteria; the pharynx tissue (31-45%) and feed (24%) by class Alphaproteobacteria; and the gut tissue by Epsilonproteobacteria (96-99%).
Ingestion of NSP by monogastrics results in increased viscosity of the digesta. This increased viscosity reduces the passage rate of the feed leading to overall reductions in consumption and decreased performance sticky droppings and dirty eggs [3].
The rumen-reticulum with contents was weighed, then emptied and rinsed with tap water until all digesta was removed.