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A sudden increase in cutting depth of a cutting tool due to an erratic change in load.

What does it mean when you dream about digging?

Digging in a dream may indicate a struggle to unearth one’s reputation or integrity, a search for something lost or buried, or an effort to bury some unpleasant aspect of the past. Any downward movement can also symbolize digging into the unconscious in an effort to understand oneself. (See also Shovel).


The interpretation of this behavior in a dream depends on your circumstances and on the details, which is true for most dreams. Digging is generally considered to be difficult work or hard labor. You could be “digging” around for the truth or trying to get to the bottom of things. Alternately, you could be “digging your own grave.” Therefore, consider your feelings in the dream and what you were digging. Were you working a difficult area, or digging in fertile soil?
References in classic literature ?
And he actually stopped digging, threw his spade over his shoulder and walked off, without even glancing at her or saying good-by.
He sat in the sun, and conversed cordially with Tommy Brock, who was passing through the wood with a sack and a little spud which he used for digging, and some mole traps.
I also weighed very carefully the possibility of our digging a way out in a direction away from the pit, but the chances of our emerging within sight of some sentinel fighting-machine seemed at first too great.
He babbled about incalculable sums, fancied himself engaged in money digging, threw the bedclothes right and left, in the idea that he was shoveling away the dirt, groped under the bed in quest of the treasure, and lugged forth, as he supposed, an inestimable pot of gold.
They soon arrived at the end of their journey, where, in truth, they found Jotham already buried to his neck in a hole that he had been digging.
She became more conscious of him when the direction of his digging brought him closer.
He had relinquished his digging and, after a long, stealthy glance towards the house, had advanced to the extreme boundary of the potato patch.
He paused and considered the matter, while Jerry returned to digging the sand where the scent was auspicious.
Dorothy and Toto and the shaggy man came to a halt before the little boy, who kept on digging in a sober and persistent fashion.
More than one, in digging underneath the wheel, was dangerously injured by the splinters of stone.
Yes, I answer, comparatively good, that is, you might have done worse; but I wish, as you are brothers of mine, that you could have spent your time better than digging in this dirt.
When the storm of dust had cleared away and the summer night was calm again, numbers of people choked up every avenue of access, and parties of diggers were formed to relieve one another in digging among the ruins.