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A wire communication system that transmits speech signals in the form of corresponding trains of pulses and transmits digital information directly from computers, radar, tape readers, teleprinters, and telemetering equipment.
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Digicom, the sole distributors of 'Q' mobiles in Pakistan, were involved in smuggling of huge quantities cellular phones under the cover of LED lights which are normally cleared through Green Channel of Customs Computerized System.
"When we are brought in by a client like Digicom, they interview us--and we also interview them to make sure there is a real commitment," said Sutherland.
A special-purpose entity, Reliance DigiCom Ltd, will house Digicable as well as BIG TV, Retail Broadband and IPTV business.
Reliance Digicom will start with a combined subscriber base of 11 million homes, a distribution reach spanning one lakh retail outlets across 7,000 towns and 10,000 local cable operators.
Porta Phone's current digital wireless, Digicom, incorporates all these variables.
The tender to win a WiMAX licence for the 2.3GHz spectrum was due to close on 18 July 2006 and at least three companies, including DiGicom, NasionCom Holdings and Redtone International, were involved.
Digicom full-duplex wireless headsets provide simultaneous talk communications.
Digital Communications Technologies, a developer and manufacturer of networking-enabled (or 'network-enabling') security monitoring products based in Colombia, will integrate the T130c into the DigiCom RF, a remote security monitoring device marketed by the company in Colombia and other Latin America countries.
The first customers to use Conexant's multi-mode USB-ADSL AccessRunner solution include: Digicom Systems, Inc., a global communication equipment supplier and a subsidiary of Creative Technology Ltd.; Accton Technology Corp., a manufacturer of broadband networking equipment based in Taiwan; BeWAN Systems, a European Internet access product manufacturer based in Paris; Mac System, a provider of data communications in the United States and Korea; OLITEC, a European modem and Internet appliance solution provider based in France; and Wong's Technology Ltd., a major modem and broadband solution provider and fully owned subsidiary of Wong's International (Holdings) Ltd.
ATN also owns a 80% interest in Digicom S.A., which provides dispatch radio, wireless data network and paging services in Haiti, and 30% of Bermuda Digital Communications Ltd., the sole cellular and PCS competitor to the Bermuda Telephone Co.
JUST as there were no garages before car ownership became commonplace, Digicom Business Solutions have been quick to spot the opportunity that our growing reliance on IT has created.
In Michael Crichton's best-selling novel Disclosure, the fictional high-tech company DigiCom is debating whether to close its cellular phone manufacturing facility, with one executive arguing that manufacturing cellular phones has become a mature business.