Digital Betacam

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Digital Betacam

Sony's digital version of its Betacam videotape format. Introduced in 1994 using 10-bit DCT compression and 4:2:2 sampling, Digital Betacam has been widely used for standard-definition video recording. L (Long) cassettes hold 124 minutes of video and four channels of 16-bit audio. Many digital VTRs from Sony play back all Sony digital and analog Betacam formats (see Betacam).

Betacam SX
Targeted at news production in 1996, Betacam SX offered greater efficiency than Digital Betacam. Using 8-bit MPEG-2 at 4:2:2P@ML sampling and a low 18 Mbps bit rate compared to 90 Mbps for Digital Betacam, Betacam SX provided up to 194 minutes on an L cassette. It introduced the capability of tagging scenes, letting the camera operator mark good shots so they can be selectively retrieved on the VTR.

Supporting the same 4:2:2P@ML sampling as Betacam SX and the MXF video file interchange format, MPEG IMX was introduced in 2000 to take Betacam into the networked A/V post-production world. MPEG IMX supports eight channels of 16-bit audio. Bit rates from 30 to 50 Mbps are higher than Betacam SX and lower than Digital Betacam. See Betacam and SD formats.
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The subject of public procurement is the purchase of professional video tapes and optical disks Digital Betacam format, HD CAM HD CAM SR and XDCAM / XDCAM HD used in the production and broadcasting of programs.
The air master was delivered as a MPEG IMX 525 digital file, with additional outputs to SD digital Betacam in NTSC letterboxed format.
An example would be if a customer had a PAL Digital Betacam deck connected to a router, a Mini Converter UpDownCross could be placed before the SDI input of the deck, so if someone connected a HD video source, the SDI video would automatically be converted to a standard definition SDI signal so the deck receives stable and high quality input video.
The purpose of this contract is to provide the analog videotapes scan jobs and transferring digital Betacam videotape type of DVCAM and the audiovisual department.
This testing lab is fully equipped to do mastering-level QC evaluation on 3D projects from a variety of sources, including Mezzanine files such as JPEG2K and ProRes, HDCAM SR and Digital Betacam, all the way through to Blu-ray disc and all other Home Entertainment formats," said My Eye Media Chief Technology Officer Steve Waugh.
Because DeckLink SDI features broadcast quality SDI, and can instantly switch between SD-SDI and HD-SDI formats, it's perfect for connecting to decks such as HDCAM, HD-D5, Digital Betacam and more.
For this purpose, in 2014 following a wave of digitization starts, Digital Betacam cassettes.
The subject of procurement is the purchase of professional video tapes and optical disks format Digital Betacam, HD CAM, HD CAM SR and XDCAM / XDCAM HD used in the production and broadcasting of programs.
The MPEGProfiler from VITEC features Y/U/V (Component), Y/C (S-Video) & Composite video inputs suitable for capturing from professional sources including BetacamSP, Digital-S & Digital Betacam.
Contract awarded for Supply, deliver, set up of video tapes / discs electronic controlled dry cabinets to hold at least 255 large betacam tapes, 144 small betacam tapes, 176 digital betacam tapes, 76 VHS tapes, 2000 discs, 1245 large DVCam tapes, 314 small DVCam tapes.
The Production Systems features an Avid media composer, Adobe Graphics After Effects System, 3DS Max 3D graphics, off-line editing systems and Betacam SX and Digital Betacam tape formats.
The BetacamSP Digital Betacam cassettes and want to use the Sony brand MTVA existing multi-year recording equipment.

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