Digital Control System

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Digital Control System

(DCS) A digital computer used for real-time control of a dynamic system, usually in an industrial environment, possibly as part of a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system.

A DCS samples feedback from the system under control and modifies the control signals in an attempt to achieve some desired behaviour.

Analysis of such digital-analogue feedback systems can involve mathematical methods such as difference equations, Laplace transforms, z transfer functions, state space models and state transition matrices.
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This digital control system is also capable of beamforming that takes into account multipath, a non-direct wave signal, and moderately adjusts beam directions to implement high-quality communication.
Atlas Material Testing Technology, LLC has introduced an enhanced digital control system for its Ci4000 Xenon-arc Weather-Ometer[R].
Last week it launched new digital ranges at the London Toy Fair, including a digital control system.
The hydraulic valve system and digital control system also act to conserve the battery charge.
A custom digital control system maintains the circulating liquid temperature at the user-specified set point by varying the speed of the compressor.
Supplied and monitored by a digital control system, simple animations, graphics, messages and text can be displayed (at a speed of 20 frames a second), transforming the bulging flank of the building into a giant low resolution screen.
A new cost-effective digital control system for magnetic bearing arrangements and new custom-built Hyperspin spindles.
The Gripen had a triplex redundant fly-by-wire digital control system backed up by a triplex redundant analogue fly-by-wire control system.
On the Heather platform, a digital control system will be installed to operate and control the complex subsea systems for Broom.
Based on the company's WinTest Digital Control System, EnduraTec adds, the software "intelligently transitions through each step of a test condition to provide accurate dynamic material properties with minimal operator interaction.
The RT series' digital control system comes on a single circuit card in the load frame.

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