Digital Control System

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Digital Control System

(DCS) A digital computer used for real-time control of a dynamic system, usually in an industrial environment, possibly as part of a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system.

A DCS samples feedback from the system under control and modifies the control signals in an attempt to achieve some desired behaviour.

Analysis of such digital-analogue feedback systems can involve mathematical methods such as difference equations, Laplace transforms, z transfer functions, state space models and state transition matrices.
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The NE digital control system features a full touchscreen interface, a proximity switch for adjustable slowdown position and is all heat controlled through a PLC and interface.
"The ARC system is a digital control system that was developed to extend the MK-7 arresting engine life and provide better operator situational awareness, and health and system diagnostics," he said.
Replacing ZOH with FROH in a digital control system, the ability to improve the stability of zeros of system is shown in [2].
Another project has added a digital control system and an FCC.
Pendragon uses the latest digital control system that is timed to fire the display to within a hundredth of a second.
Deadbeat control system is digital control system. The deadbeat control could be used in systems where the known finite settling time is required.
The table has a digital control system. This is fed information on the earthquake simulation from three sources: the linear variable differential transformers within the cylinders of each actuator; accelerometers at the platform end of each piston; and load cells measuring loads applied by the actuators.
It houses a new state-of-the-art digital control system that incorporates continuous data logging supported by the latest computer software and hard-ware.
This book defines design patterns for control system programming, providing patterns for the organization of programmable logic controller, digital control system, and other control system application codes.
The digital control system provides users with access to control, configure and monitor the device itself.
As part of the direct digital control system, the controls contractor installed the following equipment (Figure 1):
The Margate, Kent, group said it had received positive feedback about its model railway digital control system, which it hopes to establish rapidly throughout Europe.

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