Digital Data Service

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digital data service

[′dij·əd·əl ′dad·ə ‚sər·vəs]
A telephone communication system developed specifically for digital data, using existing local digital lines combined with data-under-voice microwave transmission facilities. Abbreviated DDS.
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Digital Data Service

(DDS) The class of service offered by telecommunications companies for transmitting digital data as opposed to voice.
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data service

Generally refers to a telecommunications service that transmits data rather than voice. Internet access is the most common data service, which is provided by the landline and cellular telephone carriers as well as the cable TV companies.
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Digital data services company iMerit says it's putting its first U.S.
The Coalition wants full flex-use rights for LPTV, based on the 1999 Digital Data Services Act, which is current LPTV law.
EoACA[pounds sterling]Sahara Net provides a variety of high-speed digital data services for information transfer and Internet access and high-quality network connections for businesses seeking secure and reliable Internet access.
Digital data services firm Disklabs is on course to increase sales by a quarter after sealing deals for its new on-site certified data erasure service, which clears information from digital storage systems holding hard drives.
UBC owns much of the spectrum which will be used for digital data services, it is also pursuing a collaboration with mobile-phone operators.
So, when the company wanted an economical means which could quickly deploy highly demanded business-class service, it selected ADTRAN's Total Reach Digital Data Services (DDS) system for high-speed digital service deployment.

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