Digital Equipment Corporation

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Digital Equipment Corporation

(DEC) A computer manufacturer and software vendor.

Before the killer micro revolution of the late 1980s, hackerdom was closely symbiotic with DEC's pioneering time-sharing machines. The first of the group of hacker cultures nucleated around the PDP-1 (see TMRC). Subsequently, the PDP-6, PDP-10, PDP-20, PDP-11 and VAX were all foci of large and important hackerdoms, and DEC machines long dominated the ARPANET and Internet machine population.

The first PC from DEC was a CP/M computer called Rainbow, announced in 1981-82.

DEC was the technological leader of the minicomputer era (roughly 1967 to 1987), but its failure to embrace microcomputers and Unix early cost it heavily in profits and prestige after silicon got cheap. However, the microprocessor design tradition owes a heavy debt to the PDP-11 instruction set, and every one of the major general-purpose microcomputer operating systems so far (CP/M, MS-DOS, Unix, OS/2) were either genetically descended from a DEC OS, or incubated on DEC hardware or both. Accordingly, DEC is still regarded with a certain wry affection even among many hackers too young to have grown up on DEC machines. The contrast with IBM is instructive.

Quarterly sales $3923M, profits -$1746M (Aug 1994).

DEC was taken over by Compaq Computer Corporation in 1998.
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He also served as director of worldwide logistics for Microsoft Corporation and spent 15 years at Digital Equipment Corporation in various operations and marketing positions, including U.S.
Prior to his time at Microsoft, he spent 15 years with Digital Equipment Corporation where he held positions in operations and marketing, including U.S.
Humphries will be responsible for leading HP's corporate strategic initiatives and merger and acquisition activities.Humphries, who previously served as vice president of finance for HP Services, has held several finance roles during his 14-year career with HP, Compaq and Digital Equipment Corporation. Prior to his role with HP Services, Humphries served as HP's vice president of investor relations.About HP ProCurveHP ProCurve is the Network of Choice for best-in-class solutions, products and services for wired and wireless networks.
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She has broad experience in marketing and developing strategic partnerships through her work as an executive with Digital Equipment Corporation and Lotus Development Corporation.
Specifically, Compaq had acquired Tandem Computers (merged into Compaq in 1999), Digital Equipment Corporation (merged into Compaq in 2000), and then Custom Edge Inc.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it was 25 years ago that some bright spark at a firm called Digital Equipment Corporation decided to send a message on Arpanet, the government-backed precursor to the internet.
Previously, Sepe held a series of management level positions with Wang, 3Com and Digital Equipment Corporation. During his tenure with 3Com, Sepe helped to consolidate four acquired companies into a single campus that became 3Com's East Coast headquarters.
Witek was the co-architect of the Alpha processor and the architect of the StrongARM processor while at Digital Equipment Corporation.
"There is no reason for any individual to have a computer in his home." (Ken Olsen, then-President of Digital Equipment Corporation).
The device, developed by Digital Equipment Corporation, also features an Internet Web browser.

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