Digital Linear Tape

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Digital Linear Tape

(DLT) A kind of magnetic tape drive originally developed by DEC and now marketed by Quantum.

DLT drives implement the Digital Lempel Ziv 1 (DLZ1) compression algorithm in a combination of hardware and firmware. They use a popular chip by Stac (now hi/fn) to do the string searching. Counting, sorting and Huffman encoding are done in firmware (with hardware support for the Huffman algorithm?).

In April 1997 DLT drives can transfer 5 megabytes per second and can store 35 gigabytes on a single cartridge. Compression might roughly double these figures.
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Black Watch Digital Linear Tape IV cartridges are available immediately.
Longitudinal serpentine recording media also have a fixed number of tracks (128 to 204) for digital linear tape (DLT) laid down the length of the tape.
METRUM is now broadening its product line to include libraries using both optical disk and Digital Linear Tape (DLT) technologies, giving users a much broader range of data storage solutions and media formats.
Earlier this month, Quantum signed a joint development agreement with Imation Corp for its next generation of digital linear tape - Super DLTtape.
These include multiple subtitle and audio tracks for alternate music and language, playlists for complex navigation, as well as support for Digital Linear Tape (DLT) for replication and dual layer DVDs (DVD-9) for large projects.
In addition to offering performance and automation, the libraries support mixed media, including StorageTek's 9840 tape drive, Quantum's Digital Linear Tape (DLT/SuperDLT), and Ultrium (LTO) formats.
The HDDG - which since the end of July has been one of two separate tracking stocks on the New York Stock Exchange, along with the DSS Digital Linear Tape and Storage Systems Group - intends to increase its focus on technologies needed for high quality, low-cost desktop products, but says it won't give up on high-performance 7,200 RPM drives.
New features include multiple subtitle and audio tracks, playlists, and professional output with support for Digital Linear Tape (DLT) and dual-layer DVDs (DVD-9).
Quantum named the technology Digital Linear Tape (DLT)] and the rest is history now.
The main competition for LTO is Quantum Corp's DLT digital linear tape technology.
These features include multiple subtitle and audio tracks, playlists and professional output with support for Digital Linear Tape (DLT) and dual layer DVDs (DVD-9).
During the second half of 1999, tape users will hear much about the merits of two competing tape formats, Super Digital Linear Tape (SDLT) and Linear Tape Open (LTO).

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