Digital Simulation

digital simulation

[′dij·əd·əl ‚sim·yə′lā·shən]
(computer science)
The representation of a system in a form acceptable to a digital computer as opposed to an analog computer.

Digital Simulation


a method of investigating real phenomena, processes, devices, or systems that is based on the study of mathematical models with the aid of digital computers. The program executed by the computer is also a kind of model of the subject of the investigation. Special problem-oriented simulation languages are used in digital simulation. CSMP, which was developed in the USA in the 1960’s, is an example of a commonly used language. Digital simulation is distinguished by its clarity of representation and is characterized by a high degree of automation of the investigation of real phenomena, processes, devices, or systems.

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The steelmaker utilised Trimble's Tekla Structures software for detailed design of the complicated pipe truss structure, creating digital simulation of steel structure.
Wikipedia elaborates further on the purpose of twinning: "Digital twins integrate artificial intelligence, machine learning, and software analytics with data to create living digital simulation models that update and change as their physical counterparts change.
KIDC Chief Engineer Nisar Sario and Firm Director Consultant Tanvir Ahmed informed the mayor about salient features and revised plan of the project with the help of digital simulation and maps.
Contract notice: Maintenance and exploitation of cea / cesta scientific and technical software: Digital simulation tools, Computer science software, Studies and calculations
3D printing relies on digital simulation technology for design.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Sep 02 (ANI): Potterheads can now take a virtual tour of Hogwarts in a new digital simulation presented by Pottermore.
Caption: Theo Triantafyllidis, How to Everything, 2016, live digital simulation, color, sound, indefinite duration.
Today, design and testing are moving away from the physical and into the realm of digital simulation.
Through the development of a composites research and production facility at the UBC Okanagan innovation precinct, as well as an integrated digital simulation facility at UBC's Vancouver campus, the learning factory will provide Avcorp Industries enhanced ability to evaluate and improve manufacturing efficiency.
Detailed analysis of the mechanism by digital simulation revealed that in 9: 1(v/v) DMF-H2O mixed solution, benzyl viologen mono-cation (BzV+) formed inclusion complex with bCD according to EC mechanism, while its fully reduced form (BzV), could not form inclusion complex with bCD.
Validation and Application of Digital Simulation for Improving Rear Side Window Buffeting of a Sedan," SAE Int.
Some specific topics include warm stamping of third-generation sheet steel for automobiles, high-strength steel door-beam design and digital simulation, the parametric design of cooling systems for hot stamping, and mechanical properties and springback behavior with hot stamping RCP processes.

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