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see videocassette recordervideocassette recorder
(VCR), device that can record television programs or the images from a video camera on magnetic tape (see tape recorder); it can also play prerecorded tapes.
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A one-piece hand-held television camera with built-in videocassette recorder, microphone, and battery pack, utilizing a charge-coupled device array as its light-sensitive element.


(CAMera reCORDER) A combination video camera, recorder and player in one unit. Prior to camcorders, the camera and magnetic tape recorder were separate devices cabled together. In 1983, Sony introduced the Betamovie, the first camcorder, which used half-inch analog Betamax videotape cassettes. However, the cassette had to be removed and inserted into a separate videotape player for viewing. Subsequently, camcorders were designed to play as well as record.

Today, all video cameras are digital camcorders that record onto flash memory cards, DVDs, hard drives or tape cassettes. In addition, every modern smartphone is also a camcorder. See SD formats, HD formats, DTV and digital camera.

The First Camcorder
In 1983, Sony's Betamovie was the first combination camera and recorder in one unit. Although camcorders have gotten quite small, broadcast-quality cameras used by major media are still rather large and heavy. (Image courtesy of DrT,

Cam, But No Corder
In 1939, this RCA video camera used the all-electronic Iconoscope picture tube but did not even have a viewfinder. That came later. Videotape recording would not come until 1956. (Image courtesy of Early Television Foundation,
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Summary: Samsung Electronics, a market leader and award winning innovator in consumer electronics, today extended its family of full-HD digital camcorders with the launch o the first model of its new H-series, the HMX-H104.
Today's research data does not take CMOS sensors into account when it comes to the digital camcorder and hybrid camera market," Liu continued.
NEW YORK -- With no bulky tapes, discs, or special batteries to buy, capturing all your favorite holiday memories is easier than ever with the new RCA EZ105 Small Wonder digital camcorder, available now.
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With this revolutionized technology, ILJIN Display is able to provide projection solutions for a variety of personal applications including cellular phone, media player devices, game console, digital camera, digital camcorder, notebook as well as portable projector.
Panasonic was first to introduce its digital camcorder in August 1995.
The small size and high capacity flash memory storage card has enabled Sanyo to have developed the world's smallest and lightest high-definition digital camcorder," said John Lamb, Senior Marketing Manager, for SANYO Fisher Company's Audio Video Division.
NEW YORK - The digital camcorder business is heating up.