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A trial form of electronic funds transfer over the Internet (and soon by electronic mail).

The ecash software stores digital money, signed by a bank, on the user's local computer. The user can spend the digital money at any shop accepting ecash, without the trouble of having to open an account there first, or having to transmit credit card numbers. The shop just has to accept the money, and deposit it at the bank. The security is provided by a public-key digital signature.

There process involves the issuing banks who exchange real money for ecash, users who have and spend ecash, shops who accept ecash payments, and clearing banks who clear payments received by shops.

At the moment, all users and shops must have an account at DigiCash's own bank, the "First Digital Bank" at They can withdraw money from the bank, and convert it to ecash. Shops can be started by any ecash user.
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International Data predict that, by 2001, electronic wallets will be common and the switch to digital cash well underway.
They enable users to combine access control on a single credential with other applications including secure network, print authentication, time and attendance, digital cash and vending, transit passes, and equipment and material check-out.
Total digital cash revenues grew 29% to 31% of total cash revenues and Higher Education digital cash revenues grew 18% to 39% of total cash revenues
HULL CITY chairman Adam Pearson believes it is an "absolute certainty" that some football clubs will go to the wall this summer if the ITV Digital cash fails to materialise.
That will enable Rachel to launch the digital Intertrader CashBox which is specialist software that will allow digital cash Internet payments to be made with security.
By 2001, electronic wallets will be common and the switch from paper to digital cash well under way.
Pay by voice sees retailers download a free Square application to an iPad, which turns into a digital cash register, while customers create their own, free Square account by providing their name, a password, photo and saving their card details on their profile.
THE Football League in England say they will take legal action against TV firms Carlton and Granada if no settlement is reached in the ITV Digital cash crisis.
Despite everything, the euro's launch is into a virtual world of electronic payments and digital cash.
Google Wallet (NASDAQ: GOOG) may not have been the hit Google had hoped, but according to a news report, the Silicon Valley giant may try to breath new life into its mobile payments business by tackling not just the digital billfold, but the digital cash register as well.
Transactions are now simplified using the digital cash register module, and advanced reporting provides sales breakdowns, commissions, product retailing and inventory, employee time and attendance, and more.

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