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The findings of the study addressing the indicator wise dimensions of instructional planning and strategies for the capacity development of secondary school teachers may enlighten teacher education and capacity development.
For example, the volume of a rectangular box is found by measuring its length (often labeled x), width (y), and depth (z) which are the three dimensions of the object, whereas a 2D rectangle uses only its length and breadth.
As much as half of the machine stock added is commonly required to account for variations in the final dimensions. These final casting dimensions are affected by several issues.
Ghosheh will continue to lead the Dimensions Healthcare business as part of IMS Health.
(36,39) Given that no difference was observed in the coracoid base-glenoid distance (scapula dimension #7) between male and female scapula, the mean and variation of this measurement may be useful for surgeons to identify medial glenoid wear preoperatively with AP radiographs or intraoperatively using computer navigation.
Following the acquisition, Olim founder Tom Boser will take the role of CTO at Data Dimensions.
Hitherto we have been analyzing dimensions of unidimensional subsets, [F.sub.i], of a multidimensional set F.
The series of boot camps have been delivered in Six Dimensions' new training facility in New York, New York where the company's executive offices are also located.