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(organic chemistry)
C5H12NO3PS2 A crystalline compound, soluble in most organic solvents; used as an insecticide.



(in Russian also fosfamid), 0,0-dimethyl S-(N-methylcarbamoylmethyl)-dithiophosphate, an organophos-phorus insecticide. Dimethoate is manufactured in a 40-percent emulsion concentrate and is used for the control of mites, aphids, and other sucking pests of plants in the proportion of 0.8–2.5 kg per hectare. It is highly toxic to humans and animals. Treatment with the preparation must be discontinued 30 days before harvesting the crop (15 days before harvesting cotton).

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Seven pesticides (herbicides: 2,4-D; acetochlor; and simazine; insecticides: carbaryl, tebupirimfos, dimethoate, zeta-permethrin) had significantly different estimates for allergic and non-allergic wheeze, but the estimates were similar to those for the whole sample (data not shown).
citri for dimethoate, fenpropathrin, and bifenthrin was 45 min at the 10,000 ng/[micro]L concentration.
bioaccumulation, Dimethoate, rats CD(SD)BR, neural network
1] Pruning Gasoil L Gasoline L Lubricant L Harvesting Gasoil L Gasoline L Lubricant L Soil Gasoil L management Lubricant L Weed control Gasoil L Gasoline L Lubricant L Glyphosate L Irrigation Electricity kWh Water L Pest control Gasoil L Lubricant L Mineral oil L Copper kg Copper kg Bt L Dimethoate kg Fertilisation Urea kg NPK 20:20:20 kg Manure kg Gasoil L Lubricant L Activity Inp Organic Type Operation description Input quantity Pruning Gasoil Mechanically every 2 years; 4.
In the present study, toxicity of commercial formulation of dimethoate (38% EC) insecticide was evaluated on 'desi' chick embryos (G.
Toxic effect of dimethoate and diazinon on the biochemical and hematological parameters in male rabbits.
Farmers should utilize 300-400 ml Dimethoate, 100/500 ml Thaiacloprid, 300 gram Acephate, snf 20/40 ml per acre of Spinoside in 100 litres of water and spray it on the crop when this pests infestation goes beyond ETL.
In this study, we examined acetylcholinesterase (ACHE) activity in tail muscle and metallothionein (MT) concentrations in gill tissue in signal crayfish exposed to the organophosphate pesticide dimethoate (0.
All the 12 soil samples were found contaminated with dichlorvos, dimethoate, methyl parathion, fenitrothion, endosulfan, mevinphos, chlorpyriphos and profenofos.
Dimethoate (DM) [O,O-dimethyl S-methyl carbamoyl phosphorodithioate] is one of the most important organophosphorus insecticide used extensively on a large number of crops against several pests [1].