Dimitrie Bolinteanu

Bolinteanu, Dimitrie


Born 1819, in Bolintin-din-Vale, near Bucharest; died Aug. 20, 1872, in Bucharest. Rumanian poet and publicist.

Bolinteanu is the author of Rumanian Melodies (1858), a collection of lyric poetry; Legends or Original Tales in Verse (1858), a patriotic verse collection; and the satires Nemesis (1861) and Eumenides (1866). He is also considered one of the originators of the Rumanian novel, on the basis of his Manoil (1855) and Helen (1862). His works are romantic and are bound up with the liberation movement of the mid-19th century.


Opere alese, vols. 1–2. [Bucharest, 1955.] (With an article by Dan Costa in vol. 1.)