Dimitrie Paciurea

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Paciurea, Dimitrie


Born Nov. 1, 1873, in Bucharest; died there May 14, 1932. Rumanian sculptor.

Paciurea studied at the School of Arts and Trades in Bucharest from 1889 to 1894 and in Paris from 1895 to 1899. He taught at the School of Fine Arts in Bucharest from 1909 to 1932. He was influenced by A. Rodin. In Paciurea’s sculptures dramatic tension and a pleasing fluidity gradually give way to flowing lines and a stylization in the spirit of art nouveau. This development is illustrated by The Giant (stone, 1902–05, Freedom Park, Bucharest), portraits of G. Petraşcu (1907) and of Ş. Luchian (1916), The Sphinx (1912), and The Air Chimera (1927). The portraits and the last two works are in bronze and all are in the Art Museum of the Rumanian Socialist Republic, Bucharest.


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Ses sculptures sont devenues progressivement plus lisses et moins figuratives, jusqu'a ce que subsiste seul le contour le plus nu du sujet original, osant s'eloigner encore plus de la sculpture figurative que son compatriote et contemporain Dimitriu Paciurea .