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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

When Muhammad launched his aggressive push to spread Islam throughout the world, his armies were instructed to allow people in conquered cities the freedom to continue their religion, especially if they were "people of the book"—Jews and Christians.

Theoretically, non-Muslims still have the right to practice their religion in Muslim-controlled societies. These people are called dhimmi (pronounced de-hem-ee).

With the resurgence of radical, fundamentalist Islam in some Near Eastern countries, however, dhimmi have sometimes found it difficult to insist on their legal rights when faced by angry mobs, cultural pressures, or repressive regimes. With Muslim rulers focusing their rhetoric on the "devil" of American materialism and imperialism, it becomes difficult to control the actions of fervent, religious zealots who consider it their duty to defend their faith and way of life by focusing their anger on targets close at hand.

This problem is not limited to Islam. Jews, especially, have been victims of similar cultural forces, and witches and American Indians can attest to the same kind of persecution at the hands of Christians.

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S'e' non ti cagia la tua santalena giu per lo colto tra le dure zolle e a man vegna d'un forese folle chela stropicci, e rendalati a pena, dimmi se 'l frutto che la terra mena nasce di secc'o di caldo di molle, e qual e 'l vento chela 'nnarca e tolle e di che nebbia la tempesta e piena, e s'e' ti piace quando la mattina odi la boce del lavoratore e 'l tramazzare della sua famiglia.
Ho saputo che tu sei la fanciulla dell'Amore; dimmi, cosa ti ba farto l'Amore?
In translating Petrarch's question 'Al fin di questa altra serena | c'ha nome vita, che per prova il sai, | deh, dimmi se 'l morir e si gran pena' (ii.
BACK PAGE The fact that Dimmi stayed meant we had an extra player in those positions so it was always difficult to give people that time with Cotts and Dimmi playing so well on the wings and our results being so good.
I felt as though Lloyd [Dyer] and Demarai [Gray] changed the game drastically, Dimmi lit the game up and looked like he was the difference between the two teams.
disse, con una serieta pifi tranquilla, il frate: pensaci; e dimmi un poco quante volte gli hai perdonato.
Demarai Gray | certain games, bad pitches, and "There are certain games, especially on bad pitches, and Dimmi likes to run with the ball, when it's difficult.
I almost played Dimmi on the right-hand side and Shinns in the hole.
Suoi madrigali furono musicati da compositori contemporanei, e pubblicati con le loro musiche: Bartolomeo Tromboncino vesti di note il madrigale Com'aro dunque ardire, e il fiammingo Giacomo Arcadelt i madrigali Spargendo il senso e Deh dimmi, Amor.
You saw Dimmi (Demarai Gray) show little glimpses of what he's about - but it's very difficult to do it on that pitch.
There was one from Dimmi saying 'Got my head bust off for you
A little bit like Dimmi - but more so with Shins - I felt as TURN.