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see reproductive systemreproductive system,
in animals, the anatomical organs concerned with production of offspring. In humans and other mammals the female reproductive system produces the female reproductive cells (the eggs, or ova) and contains an organ in which development of the fetus takes
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The male organ of copulation, or phallus. In mammals the penis consists basically of three elongated masses of erectile tissue. The central corpus spongiosum (corpus urethrae) lies ventral to the paired corpora cavernosa. The urethra runs along the underside of the spongiosum and then normally rises to open at the expanded, cone-shaped tip, the glans penis, which fits like a cap over the end of the penis. Loose skin encloses the penis and also forms the retractable foreskin, or prepuce.

Erection of the penis is caused by nervous stimulation resulting in engorgement of the spiral helicine arteries and the plentiful venous sinuses of the organ. In most mammals other than Primates the penis is retracted into a sheath when not in use.

In submammalian forms the penis is not as well developed. Crocodilians, turtles, and some birds have a penis basically like that of mammals, lying in the floor of the cloaca. When erected, it protrudes from the cloaca and functions in copulation. Other vertebrates lack a penis, although various functionally comparable organs may be developed such as the claspers on the pelvic fins of sharks and the gonopodia on the anal fins of certain teleost fishes.

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What does it mean when you dream about a penis?

The universal symbol of the male, the penis represents energy, vital force, sexual power, and fertility. One’s sexual energy or matters of orientation may be at issue, depending upon the gender of the dreamer. (See also Genitals).

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The male organ of copulation in humans and certain other vertebrates. Also known as phallus.
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the male organ of copulation in higher vertebrates, also used for urine excretion in many mammals
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The male sex organ is symbolic of fertility, power, and energy. Your gender and sexual orientation play a part when interpreting this dream. Are you dealing with issues of sexual orientation, power, or aggression? Answering these questions will enable you to interpret your dream.
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