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Data parallel superset of C.


["The DINO Parallel Programming Language", M. Rosing et al, J Parallel Dist Comp 13(9):30-42 (Sep 1991)].

["DINO Parallel Programming Language", M. Rosing et al, CU-CS-457-90, U Colorado, April 1990].
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The Dinos mounted a 7-0 run to trim the deficit to three, 95-92, after Shaquille Hines' layup but Courtney Fortson's single free throw for the 96-92 lead proved to be enough for the Lions to hold on.
Some of the well known dinos will also appear in context - a crocodile-like Sarcosuchus lurks in a Cretaceous swamp, herds of Diplodocus graze a Jurassic forest and there'll be Lego re-creations of fossils, dinosaur skeletons in museums and paleontological digs.
Karl Giarchi, who runs Dino's in Helensburgh, Dunbartonshire, has been charged with directing a "sexual verbal communication" at a 16-year-old female without her consent.
The Bears got sweet revenge against the Dinos as they suffered a 13-5 loss in Game 1 as they allowed a game-winning grand slam to the Dinos' first baseman Xavier Scruggs.
You get a good hour's entertainment, more if you go slowly and spend time looking at the dinos.
New Dino: Equus - A herbivore horse-like Dino meant to be a trusty steed for player traversal  
* Paleontologist Mary Higby Schweitzer made a groundbreaking discovery in 2007 when she found blood vessels and blood cells inside broken dino femur bones.
The film traces the journey of the three dinos as they step into adulthood, and their adventures in store.
Other models Dino also launched the lightweight, self-propelled 205RXT, 240RXT and 265 RXT for rough terrain.
These dino tracks you're speaking of, This dance floor that you've found, We think you may be incorrect; They're just potholes in the ground.
But Mr Dinos returned sore from his biggest success and hasn't been the same horse since and ended his 2004 campaign when trailing in sixth to Papineau when defending his crown.