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the district under the jurisdiction of a bishop
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in ancient Rome, originally (beginning in the first century B.C.) a municipal district; during the principate, part of a province. From the period of Diocletian, at the end of the third century A.D., the diocese was a large administrative unit including several (up to 16) provinces. A total of 12 dioceses (later 15) were formed. The vicarius, who was subordinate to the praefectus praetorio, headed the diocese.

In the Catholic, and in some Protestant, churches the diocese is a territorial-administrative unit (an eparchy) headed by a bishop.

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What are some of the achievements Owo diocese has recorded?
Bishop Donald Phillips of the diocese of Rupert's Land noted that almost all the parishes in Central Buganda in Uganda have a sister parish in his diocese.
It's estimated that Katrina destroyed at least 20% of Gulf Coast Catholic churches, according to the Catholic Diocese of Jackson, Miss.
In this small Kentucky diocese, on June 3, 2005, Bishop Roger Foys announced a settlement of $120 million to compensate victims of child molestation by priests and other employees.
In addition to directing protest at home, Crew says the AAC is helping fund the dissent in Africa and, to a lesser extent, in some Latin American dioceses. "It has been very interesting to watch how conservative [U.S.] bishops, who normally would not have much dealing with their African brethren, have made common cause with them over this," Barrett says.
[9] The appointment of non-Great Russian bishops to Great Russian dioceses constituted a conscious break with Church practice, especially considering that Russian was a foreign language for the Ukrainian bishops and not spoken at all by some foreign prelates.
"It is symbolic and meaningful that we name the new diocese Mishamikweesh," which in Ojibway means 'Big Beaver House,'" announced Bishop Lydia Mamakwa to members of the Council of General Synod (CoGS), which met Nov.
"It is time to pay close attention to the dioceses and religious communities reporting an increasing number of candidates.
The implementation of the charter, McChesney believes, is creating an atmosphere within dioceses that will empower knowledgeable people to identify abuse and to prevent it to the extent that is possible.