Diop, Birago

Diop, Birago

(bērägō` dyōp) (Birago Ishmael Diop), 1906–89, Senegalese author who wrote in French. He was best known for his collections of aphoristic stories based on African folk tales, including Contes d'Amadou Koumba (1947; tr. Tales of Amadou Koumba, 1966). Diop also published a poetry anthology, Leurres et lueurs [lures and glimmers] (1960). In addition to writing, he held several official veterinary posts in Africa and was Senegalese ambassador to Tunisia.

Diop, Birago


Born in 1906 in Senegal. Senegalese writer and folklorist.

Diop writes in French. His books Tales of Amadou Koumba (1947), New Tales of Amadou Koumba (1958), and Tales and “Lavanes” (1963) are fine literary treatments of folklore. They are directed against the power of the wealthy, who are despised by the working people, and against greed, self-interest, parasitism, and idleness. However, Diop is known for a certain idealization of Africa’s patriarchal structure and its animistic religion. His poetry is in the collection Lures and Glimmerings (1960).


In Russian translation:
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