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CaMg(SiO3)2 A white to green monoclinic pyroxene mineral which forms gray to white, short, stubby, prismatic, often equidimensional crystals. Also known as malacolite.
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a rock-forming mineral, a silicate of the group of monoclinic pyroxenes. Its chemical composition is CaMg[Si2O6]; part of the Mg can be replaced by Fe2+. Gray to grayish-green in color, it has a hardness on the mineralogical scale of 5.5-6 and a density of 3,270-3,400 kg/m3. Diopside is usually encountered as irregularly shaped grains with a good cleavage in gabbro, diabase, diorite, syenite, skarn, and other igneous and metamorphic rocks. More rarely it forms large transparent green crystals (so-called baikalite).

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The prograde skarn stage is the earliest stage in the hydrothermal evolution history, which is characterized by the formation of anhydrous silicate minerals such as garnet and diopside (Figure 5(g)).
The following standards were employed: synthetic pure oxides for Mg, Al, Fe, and Sn, a synthetic MnTi oxide for Mn and Ti, albite for Na, diopside for Si and Ca, apatite for P, sphalerite for Zn and S, vanadinite for Cl, orthoclase for K, [Sb.sub.2]S for Sb, PbS for Pb, and pure elements for Co, Ni, and Cu.
The wide-range of gemstones including sapphires from Kashmir, emeralds from Swat, rubies from the northern areas and pink topazes from Katlang, Mardan, and good quality zircon, different varieties of quartz, aquamarine, tourmaline, sphene, spinel, zoisite apatite, epidote, morganite, garnet, scapolite, clino zoisite, xenotime, bastnaesite, peridot, nephrite, serpentine, red agate, diopside, pargasite, amethyst, scheelite, pollucite, chrome diopside and kunzite are found in mountainous belt from South Waziristan to Chitral, makes the country significant in the mineral world.
Internet and cable sales channels have played their part by promoting lower-cost jewellery using lesser-known stones such as iolite, morganite, chrome diopside, heliodor and kunzite to a wider market.
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A nanocomposite coating has been produced in this research by combining hydroxyapatite nanoparticles as the base material and diopside ceramic.
Yellowish green diopside and tremolite from Merelani, Tanzania.
The studied volcanic outcrops are constituted by lamproites composed by forsteritic olivine, Ti phlogopite, diopside, enstatite, richterite with Ti and K, leucite, and Fe-rich sanidine.
The 18 papers consider such topics as diopside glass-ceramics for dental and biomedical applications, the electrochemical detection of bacteria using graphene oxide electro-deposited on titanium implants, the mechanical behavior of alumina-toughened zirconia nanocomposites with different alumina additions, high-density implantable micro-electrode arrays for brain-machine interface applications, and hybrid energy harvesting using electro-active polymers combined with piezoelectric materials.
The sample ZMT--372 is also one Garnet, epidote, diopside calc-silicate with similar conditions (figure 12).
RING THE CHANGES Okay, so it's not really an emerald but this Ava chrome diopside gold ring, PS99 from Gemporia (gemporia.com) is still gorgeous.