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see Castor and PolluxCastor and Pollux
, in classical mythology, twin heroes called the Dioscuri; Castor was the son of Leda and Tyndareus, Pollux the son of Leda and Zeus. They were brothers to Helen and Clytemnestra. Castor excelled as a horseman and Pollux as a boxer.
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Dioscuri (Castor and Pollux)

Spartan brothers. [Gk. Myth.: Avery, 408; Leach, 314]
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Although the oracle is not given the detailed treatment it receives in Aeschylus and Sophocles, its invocation by the Dioscuri ex machina would make little sense if it did not give Apollo an active role in mandating the matricide.
163, the restoration of the decorative - house efebo and dioscuri.
The tertium comparationis for the Asvins and the Greek Dioscuri has long been sought in the "sons of the sky" in Baltic mythology, Lithuanian Dievo suneliai and Latvian Dieva who exhibit all the characteristics intrinsic to the Divine Twins in the other traditions, (44) The Latvian dainas, despite being merely short folk songs nearly devoid of plot, actually help us to tie up the loose ends and reconstruct the relevant exploits of the Nasatyas.
DIOSCURI has evolved to specialize in the realms of interior and jewelry design along with brand consulting.
The Dioscuri appeared again to a man named Publius Vatinius, who reported that two men on white horses had told him of the Roman victory over Perseus of Macedon (Cic.
minute by two young men, clearly the Dioscuri in disguise (Callimachus,
See the following examples now in the National Museum, Naples: from the House of Jason (IX, 5, 18) 114 321, (IX, 5, 14) 111 440, House of the Dioscuri (VI, 9, 6-7) 8977, from Herculaneum 8976, from Stabiae 8978.
Quick to catch on, Beethoven's younger contemporary, Schubert, brought true equality to the voice and piano partnership, the gently lapping waves urging on the singer in The Fisher Maiden and the deep rolling chords of the Song of the Sailor to the Dioscuri painting a more ominous seascape.
25) Faust, however, reassures him: "Forgive me lord, those are the traces / of lost spiritual natures, / a reverberation of the Dioscuri [the brothers of Helen], / By whom all sailors swore.
En el plano de Maggi son claramente legibles, en el centro, la estatua de Marco Aurelio y, en la balaustrada que mira hacia la ciudad, <<i Dioscuri e i Trofei di Mario, questi ultimi trasferiti nel 1590>> (37); en el grabado se ven las mismas estatuas en la balaustrada, ademas de las muchas que adornan frisos y escalinatas de los palacios (38).
By Alessandro Valentini, CEO of Dioscuri Film Croup anal advisor of major private equity firms in their international operations, valentini@dioscurifilm.
Ramonti was the star of the Dioscuri stable operated by the Botti brothers, who wrested the European record for number of winners in a season away from Jean-Claude Rouget.