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diethylene dioxide, a cyclic ether. It is a colorless, mobile liquid with an ethereal odor, Melting point, 11.8°C; boiling point, 101.3°C; density, 1.03375 g/cm3; index of refraction n2DO, 1.42241; flash point, 5°C (in a closed cup); explosion limits in air, 1.97-22.5 percent by volume. It is miscible with water, alcohol, and ether; it forms an azeotrope with water (boiling point, 87.8°C; 81.6 percent dioxane).

In industry, dioxane is made from ethylene glycol (1), Chlorex (2), or ethylene oxide (3):

In many processes, dioxane is used as a good solvent for such substances as cellulose acetate, petroleum and plant oils, and dyes. It is comparatively toxic. The highest permissible concentration of dioxane in air is 0.01 mg per liter.

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Few treatment methods were proved to be successful and economically feasible for removing 1,4 dioxane from wastewater.
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DMFA and dioxane are equally aggressive to vessel-thrombocytic hemostasis component by arresting physiological response of platelets to aggregation agonist.
Besides formaldehyde and 1,4 dioxane, J&J plans to phase out a number of other ingredients, including phthalates and triclosan, an antibacterial substance found in soaps.
1, 4 dioxane is a by-product of sodium laureth sulfate and present in small amounts in cosmetics, shampoos and many products on the market today.
Concerns on the cancer risks of talc, dioxane, formaldehyde, nitrosamine, and ethylene oxide, besides other prohibited and restricted carcinogenic ingredients in cosmetics and personal care products, are not new.
The presence of the less volatile dioxane leads to thicker films and facilitates SRG formation; (ii) Hydrogen bonding substituents on the polymer main-chain inhibit photoisomerism of the side-chain diazo units and increase the melt viscosity, leading to much higher laser beam intensities being required for SRG formation; (iii) Polyurethane-based azopolymers with no hydroxyl groups showed a faster initial response and higher saturation diffraction than epoxy- or aniline-based azopolymers for the same substituents.
They were later handed over to Abu Dhabi Health Authority to verify whether the level of Dioxane 1.
It provides very versatile application benefits, including very low pour point and dioxane level, according to the company.
EPA has identified 50 compounds, including benzene, chloroform, formaldehyde and dioxane, which it believes are of "significant toxicological concern.
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