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diethylene dioxide, a cyclic ether. It is a colorless, mobile liquid with an ethereal odor, Melting point, 11.8°C; boiling point, 101.3°C; density, 1.03375 g/cm3; index of refraction n2DO, 1.42241; flash point, 5°C (in a closed cup); explosion limits in air, 1.97-22.5 percent by volume. It is miscible with water, alcohol, and ether; it forms an azeotrope with water (boiling point, 87.8°C; 81.6 percent dioxane).

In industry, dioxane is made from ethylene glycol (1), Chlorex (2), or ethylene oxide (3):

In many processes, dioxane is used as a good solvent for such substances as cellulose acetate, petroleum and plant oils, and dyes. It is comparatively toxic. The highest permissible concentration of dioxane in air is 0.01 mg per liter.

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The kinetic diameter of water is smaller than dioxane and so the water molecule can easily permeate through the membranes.
All the calculations were performed in the presence of water and dioxane as solvents by doing integral equation formalism-polarized continuum model (IEF-PCM) computations according to the solvation model density (SMD) solvation model [37].
In present study, only those luminescent Si solutions such as Psi in THF, dioxane, and DMSO were systematically carried out using different optical techniques.
When 0.3 [less than or equal to] [X.sub.dioxane] [less than or equal to] 0.9, the structure observed for pure dioxane obviously remains the same as it is mixed with 0.1 [less than or equal to] [X.sub.dioxane] [less than or equal to] 0.2, small binary clusters consisting of one or two 1,4-dioxane molecules and several water molecules are formed by hydrogen bonding.
Few treatment methods were proved to be successful and economically feasible for removing 1,4 dioxane from wastewater.
DMFA and dioxane are equally aggressive to vessel-thrombocytic hemostasis component by arresting physiological response of platelets to aggregation agonist.
Besides formaldehyde and 1,4 dioxane, J&J plans to phase out a number of other ingredients, including phthalates and triclosan, an antibacterial substance found in soaps.
Clarifying the issue, Himalaya 's President and CEO, Shailendra Malhotra, said, "We have been in constant touch with the Dubai Municipality officials on the issue and had already withdrawn any shampoo batches that may not have complied with the municipality's permissible limits of 1.4- dioxane."
The Dubai Municipality had withdrawn from the local market 17 shampoos of five brands from China, India and Iran, whose samples had been found to be containing high percentage of carcinogenic dioxane 1.4.
The Dubai Municipality has withdrawn 17 shampoo brands from the market, after laboratory tests revealed that they contained a high percentage of carcinogenic Dioxane 1.4, reports Khaleej Times .
Laboratory tests of samples found that the shampoos contained high percentage of Dioxane 1.4, which is carcinogenic if used on a long-term basis.
"To address the issue of 1, 4 dioxane raised in the news report forwarded by you, we would like to briefly explain the presence of dioxane in shampoos.