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a document conferring a qualification, recording success in examinations or successful completion of a course of study



(1) An official document testifying to the completion of a higher or specialized secondary educational institution or to the conferring of an academic degree or academic title.

(2) A document certifying the right of an institution, organization, or individual citizen to carry out certain activities (for instance, to conduct trade).

(3) An award for achievements in various kinds of contests, competitions, and exhibitions.

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Jean Massey with the state Department of Education told board members that parents and students often err in thinking a high school diploma by itself demonstrates college readiness.
When you buy fake diploma or any other document at our website, we guarantee you the best quality will be delivered.
The introduction of our new diplomas will open up careers in the beauty and spa industry to a great many more people whilst still maintaining standards.
Agricultural Economics (BSA, Post-grad Diploma, MAgr, MSc, P, D)
This diploma programme, started through the support of the EU-funded TRTA-II programme implemented by UNIDO, is the first of its kind in Pakistan and the UVAS is the pioneer university to complete the diploma course.
Summary: A new career-focused Applied Diploma in Engineering Technology will be rolled out for Higher Colleges of Technology students in September.
The European Commission said it will consider an infringement procedure if it takes the view that member states hampering the recognition of diplomas obtained in other EU countries amounts to preventing students from exercising their freedom of movement.
Without doubt there needs to be research about the concept of the diploma mill in a distance education environment.
The 68-year old-calligrapher delivered a lecture on the process of the creation of the diplomas on Wednesday, showcasing examples of some memorable ones, like those awarded to Tagore, C.
Deputy Wigham Pete Henshaw, chair of the awards' judging panel, added: "Each one of the finalists has made an exceptional contribution towards the development and delivery of the new diplomas.
Recent research shows that there are more than 36,000 young people undertaking Diplomas across England.
The Inter Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC) had refused to verify short course skill diplomas given by AIOU as being beyond their purview.

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