Diplomatic Action

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Diplomatic Action


in international law, the totality of actions directed toward the achievement of a certain diplomatic goal and the attainment of a concrete diplomatic task. Diplomatic action is an official statement of action undertaken by the head of state, the government, the department of foreign affairs, diplomatic representatives, or other state organs of foreign relations with respect to some questions of international relations or international law. Diplomatic actions are distinguished by form and by content: in form, they may be expressed in a particular kind of diplomatic document; in content, the action may be a protest, warning, or the like. According to the UN Charter, the content of a diplomatic action may not include the use or threat of force.

Diplomatic etiquette—that is, the observance of different accepted formalities or conventions in manners, the use of a particular language, etc.—plays a large role in the execution of a diplomatic action. Thus, for example, one of the diplomatic languages—considered to be French, English, Russian, Spanish, and Chinese—is employed in a diplomatic action. At the same time, it is customary that one state’s organs of foreign relations accredited in another state use the language of the host state, while the representatives of a foreign state use the language of the state they represent. The system of relations between diplomatic organs and the organs of foreign relations of a host state is very important for diplomatic action. It is established both by the laws of the host state and by international agreements.


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This, of course, is a classic and recognized mode by which a state, through diplomatic action, could invoke redress, for itself or on behalf of its citizens, for injury caused by a wrongful act on another state," Jardeleza said.
Locsin responding to an inquiry whether he will adopt Esperon's recommendation for diplomatic action against China, he said: "I did".
"Diplomatic protest fired off," Locsin said in a tweet on Wednesday as he referred to the recommendations made by the Department of National Defence (DND) and National Security Adviser Hermogenes Esperon to take diplomatic action on the alarming presence of Chinese vessels in Pag-asa, an island in the Spratlys chain which is being claimed by the Philippines and China as part of their territory.
Al-Jarrallah pointed out the joint consensus for diplomatic action to ensure safety of maritime navigation in region from escalation and confrontation.
Safadi stressed the importance of the UN''s role and the activation of multilateral diplomatic action. //Petra// AF 22/07/2019 00:20:22
commitment to Taiwan and "allows for the State Department to take diplomatic action against governments that alter diplomatic relations with Taiwan in favor of China."
" "The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is following with great interest the media's handling of words that offend Iraqi women and our diplomatic action continues with the Kuwaiti side," Foreign Ministry spokesman Ahmad al-Sahaf said in a statement.
He added that through such cooperation, diplomats experience diplomatic action which include negotiation, settlement of disputes and the signing of agreements, thus enriching their diplomatic knowledge and experience.
On the displaced Syrians' crisis, he stressed the importance of a Lebanese diplomatic action in association with Russia as the only force present in Syria and maintaining relations with Iran and the Syrian regime for the creation of safe areas inside the Syrian territory along the Lebanese border.
While reiterating its unconditional support for Syria's legitimate rights to recover the occupied Golan, the House of People's Representatives (HPR) called on the Government and the presidency of the parliament for immediate diplomatic action to make Tunisia's popular and official decision rejecting this decision heard.

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