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Bychowsky [36] reported that the Monogenean Diplozoon paradoxum was predominant in the median sector of the gills.
Host-parasite interface of Diplozoon paradoxum (Monogenea) in naturally infected bream Abramis brama (L).
Praziquantel effective against Monogenea (Dactylogyrus vastator, Dactylogyrus extensus, Diplozoon paradoxum).
Effects of praziquantel, miclosamide, levamisole hydrochloride and metrifonate on Monogenea (Gyrodactylus aculeati, Diplozoon paradoxum).
From the Table 6 it is clear that Diplozoon aegyptensis having GenBank accession number AF973617 shows 94.13% similarity with Diplozoon paradoxum with an accession number AF369759.1.