dipole moment

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Dipole moment

A mathematical quantity characteristic of a dipole unit equal to the product of one of its charges times the vector distance separating the charges. The dipole moment μ associated with a distribution of

electric charges qi is given by where r i is the vector to the charge qi. For systems with a net charge (for example, positive), the origin is taken at the mean position of the positive charges (and vice versa). Dipole moments have the dimensions coulomb-meters. Molecular dipole moments were previously expressed in debye units, where 1 debye = 3.336 × 10-30 C · m. See Dipole

dipole moment

[′dī‚pōl ‚mō·mənt]
(physical chemistry)
The vector sum of the bond moments in a molecule, a measure of the polarity of the molecule.
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The value of the phase difference between the induced dipole moment m, and the field vector E controls the magnitude of the torque, reaching maximum when the phase difference is 9"", and zero when the phase is zero.
The static first hyperpolarizability AYvec was calculated by M06-2X Method combined with FF(finite field method), which is more efficient and less expensive than other methods compared with, where AYvec represent the hyperpolarizability along the molecular dipole moment defined as follows:
where M is magnetization, [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] the magnetic dipole moment, v the velocity of the bunch of charges in the frame of observation, [gamma] = [(1 - [v.
The values of dipole moment MD obtained for 2- ME and 2-EE are [[mu].
77 Table 4 Energy and Dipole Moments of Alkanols Oriented Along X, Y and Z Axes of the Cartesian System Alkanol Field Energy strength [kcal/ [a.
To our knowledge, this work presents the first calculations of the dipole moments of the two fluorinated propene isomers.
ABSTRACT--As a means to determine the dipole moment of a permanent magnet, as well as the horizontal component of the Earth's local magnetic field, a cylindrical neodymium magnet with axial magnetic dipole moment is suspended from a thin vertical string with its axis horizontal.
These side-groups create dipole moments that inhibit both swelling and permeation.
Debye, who had developed the notion of dipole moments (see 1912), tackled the problem.
The large values of both |delta~|mu~ and the transition dipole moments were consistent with the large |beta~ values which we have measured.
We propose to study such mechanisms by searching for electric dipole moments (EDMs) of charged hadrons in a new class of precision storage rings.