Direct Inward Dialing

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direct inward dialing

[də′rekt ¦in·wərd ′dīl·iŋ]
The capability for dialing individual telephone extensions in a large organization directly from outside, without going through a central switchboard.
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Direct Inward Dialing

(DID) A service offered by telephone companies which allows the last 3 or 4 digits of a phone number to be transmitted to the destination exchange.

For example, a company could have 10 incoming lines, all with the number 234 000. If a caller dials 234 697, the call is sent to 234 000 (the company's exchange), and the digits 697 are transmitted. The company's exchange then routes the call to extension 697. This gives the impression of 1000 direct dial lines, whereas in fact there are only 10. Obviously, only 10 at a time can be used.

This system is also used by fax servers. Instead of an exchange at the end of the 234 000 line, a computer running fax server software and fax modem cards uses the last three digits to identify the recipient of the fax. This allows 1000 people to have their own individual fax numbers, even though there is only one 'fax machine'.

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(Direct Inward Dialing) The ability to make a telephone call to an internal telephone extension within an organization without having to go through an operator.
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Carriers and operators, both wireless and wired, who wish to offer local presence, virtual office, and connections to VIP of their end-users, can buy direct inward dialing (DID) numbers via session initiation protocol (SIP), Asterisk (IAX), H323, freeSWITCH, Kamailio and other applications and protocols via the DIDXchange.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates, October 20, 2010 --( Today at the Gitex Conference in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, DIDxchange, a service of Super Technologies, inc., announced its latest update to the world's largest number of service providers peering to buy and/or sell direct inward dialing phone numbers, now all USA and also UK area of +44 7 DIDs are available with incoming SMS.
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