Direct Speech

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direct speech

Direct speech refers to the direct quotation of something that someone else said. It is sometimes known as quoted speech. Because the quotation happened in the past, we put the reporting verb into the past simple tense, but we don’t change the verbs used within the quotation. We also punctuate sentences in a certain way when we use direct speech in writing.
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Direct Speech


(direct discourse), an utterance introduced word for word into an author’s speech or text. Unlike indirect speech, direct speech preserves the individual and stylistic peculiarities of the speech of the person whose utterance is being quoted, including dialect features, repetitions, pauses, and parenthetic words. Direct speech is introduced without conjunctions or personal pronouns, with verb forms indicating the relationship of the speaker to the utterance. An example of direct speech is the following: You said, “I’ll return late.” In indirect speech, this would be: You said that you would return late.

In Russian, direct speech is usually set off in text by quotation marks or by an indentation and a dash. Direct quotations are considered a variety of direct speech.

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In Mansfield Park there are several occasions when quoted direct speech has attribution no more specific than its emergence from among a group of characters: "'It was a hard case, upon my word;' and, 'I do think you were very much to be pitied;' were the kind responses of listening sympathy" (144).
Also excluded are 26 instances of the verbs [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], and [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], because these are commonly used to introduce direct speech.
Direct speech is used more than indirect speech in languages at large.
If this were found to be so, it might be concluded that more direct speech with one's own children is an index of perceived attachment, familiarity, or responsibility.
The poet's description of her and her relationship with her husband, and the few lines of direct speech attributed to her, suggest a feminist reading of Herodinis as a woman eager to leave a predictable and secure life for parts unknown.
Communication thus becomes non-verbal and, therefore, direct speech gives way to commentary.
She cultivated a minimalist style with direct speech and dialogue, in opposition to the native conventions and in an admitted kinship to some English poets.
So, for example, you will get a CD-Rom with part of the course, including text, graphics, direct speech and animation.
In this instance the lack of quotation marks separating direct speech is especially noticeable because it is preceded by ironic quotation marks.
There are other aspects of the language Alan uses that I'm aware of without being able or inclined to account for them fully; I have in mind the indirect speech quality in much of the allegedly direct speech between the characters, or the gorgeous comedy of Norah and Pete's dinner at the Trocadero, from the descriptiveness of "It didn't matter that she found a piece of fish in her lap, then a lump of gorgonzola, it made her laugh.
Information and communication are primarily channeled through direct speech, television, radio, and the telephone.
Classroom uses could include analysis of the graphic novel genre, transferring a section of the book into paragraphs with direct speech, rather than speech bubbles, or as a short novel to read to the class.