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(Desktop Management Interface) The first desktop management standard from the DMTF. Enabling PCs to be monitored from a central console, it was superseded by the DMTF's Common Information Model (see CIM).

The Management Information File (MIF)
When a query is made to a DMI-enabled device, the memory-resident DMI agent sends back data such as model ID, serial number, memory and port addresses in a management information file (MIF). It can also extract data from memory to provide a current status.

Support for SNMP
DMI can co-exist with SNMP. A single machine can serve as a proxy agent to service an entire LAN segment of DMI machines. When SNMP queries arrive, it can transfer the data from the MIF into the SNMP's MIB (management information base). See CIM, SNMP, WBEM and DMTF.

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MACD (moving average convergence divergence) on a high buy signal; RSI (relative strength index) barely breaching overbought regions but still has room for some increase; and DMI (directional movement index) back with increasing buying pressure from the previous week's dip, momentum still significant.
Negative DMI (directional movement index) is still above the positive DMI but both indicators are flat as well,' he said.
A survey by MOEA shows the directional movement index of manufacturers being 49.6 for August, a little lower than the decisive level of 50.

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