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1. a member of the governing board of a business concern who may or may not have an executive function
2. the person responsible for the artistic and technical aspects of making a film or television programme
3. Music another word (esp US) for conductor
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Telephone switch which translates the digits dialed into the directing digits actually used to switch the call.
A parasitic element placed a fraction of a wavelength ahead of a dipole receiving antenna to increase the gain of the array in the direction of the major lobe.
Electromechanical equipment which is used to track a moving target in azimuth and angular height and which, with the addition of other necessary information from an outside source, such as a radar set or a range finder, continuously computes firing data and transmits them to the guns.
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A 3D animation authoring and playback system for Windows and Mac from Adobe. Director is used to develop sophisticated interactive games and virtual worlds. Using a bitmap-based rendering engine and supporting myriad multimedia formats, including Flash, developers script their animations in JavaScript or Adobe's Lingo.

Create in Director, Play in Shockwave
Director source files use a .DIR extension and can be edited and run between platforms. For distribution over the Web, DIR source files are published to Shockwave files (.DCR extension) that are played in Shockwave Player either within the Web browser or from stand-alone applications.

Introduced by MacroMind in 1985 for the Mac as VideoWorks, it became MacroMind Director and finally, via mergers, Macromedia Director. A version for Windows was later developed, and Adobe acquired Macromedia in 2005. See Shockwave, Shockmachine, shocked site, SWF and Flash.
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All these GLCs and its subsidiaries have PKR senior leaders as board members, which the research said showed 'some form of patronage through GLC directorships' was practiced by the Pakatan Rakyat leadership then.
Five independent variables (board size, gender diversity, CEO duality, independent director and multiple directorship), one moderator (internal audit function) and one dependent variable (business performance) were tested with the OLS method.
Jo, who has held numerous directorships, is a partner in fds Corporate Finance Services and the fds Group, a specialist training and development business.
Schultz's son Paul, also a director in the two companies, was banned from holding directorships for eight years.
The number of female directorships is also growing at a faster rate than male directorships.
They can provide a full list of current directorships - and my 34 previous directorships are listed.
The following year de Valois retired, and the directorship was passed to the company's principal choreographer, Frederick Ashton, who remained until 1970 when Kenneth MacMillan unexpectedly replaced him.
This retrospective was not only one of the most compelling exhibitions at the Migros under the directorship of Heike Munder but also a welcome surprise among the more predictable names showing at one museum after another.
Salary rage: From $30,000 for assistant archivist to $150,000 for directorship
Must End The Military Occupation And Renew The War Against Al Qaeda is the report of a specal task foce under the directorship of Christopher Preble, which was sponsored by the Cato Institute.
That is, enterprising universities should begin to offer a master's program for board directorship to train dedicated young people for a career of serving on corporate boards.

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