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(1) An ancient Arabian silver coin equal to 2.97 g of pure silver. Minted from 695 A.D. The dirham was used by the Arabs in their trade with foreign countries, including ancient Rus’ from the ninth to the 13th centuries.

(2) A change coin used in Iraq, equivalent to 50 fils or 1/20 of a dinar.

(3) A monetary unit in Morocco, equivalent to 100 Moroccan francs. According to the rate of exchange of the Gosbank (State Bank) of the USSR as of Jan. 1, 1971, 100 dirhams are equal to 17 rubles, 78 kopecks.

(4) A unit of measurement of precious metals used in Egypt and Sudan, equivalent to 3.12 g.

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Guo translates: "Nothing will prevent me from sending forward [the aforesaid goods] except [if the payment is made in] silver dirhems. [You,] the master, know that very well." The text should be translated: "Nothing has prevented me from leaving and coming home except [dealing with] your money, my lord.
One consisted of about 700 dirhems from the 2nd half of the 10th century, the other of about 50 West-European coins from the beginning of the 11th century.
A great variety of tools, such as small hammers, anvils, chisels and files, melting pots (one with semi-melted dirhems), clay moulds for oval brooches, as well as production refuse and finished ornaments of mainly Scandinavian types should also be mentioned among the find material.
Stolpe found numerous ninth-century merchants' graves containing Arab silver dirhems, similar to the thousands found in hoards in western Russia and around the shores of the Baltic.