head pressure

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inlet pressure

i. The total pressure taken in the engine inlet as a measure of air density. This parameter is sent to the fuel control for fuel scheduling. It is normally known as P1 pressure.
ii. As it relates to the performance data on pumps, when not other-wise specified, the total static pressure measured in a standard testing chamber by a vacuum gauge located near the inlet port. Also called intake pressure, fine pressure, or head pressure.
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Speed, discharge pressure and temperature are all influencing factors that increase hose fatigue,' Elaine van der Westhuizen at Verder Pumps explains.
The same is true of pressure development, as widely used melt pumps greatly reduce the need for long metering sections to handle the discharge pressure.
Tenders are invited for Supply of hp discharge pressure switches for mill lub oil system.
Its test loop is rated for 1,100 psig (7600 kPa) to support test conditions up to 1,000 psig (6900 kPa) discharge pressure.
In contrast SEEPEX advise its open hopper pumps transfer the higher ds% sludge with 50% reduced power consumption (15KW compared to 31KW) and up to 75% reduced discharge pressure due to the low pulsation flow characteristics.
In addition to the compressor and EEV controllers, controllers for regulating suction and discharge pressure are included.
10 shows the results of measurements of the average value of pressure pulsations 5Pi towards the discharge pressure [delta][P.
Below it, the severe oscillations in flow and discharge pressure are created producing huge noise, large vibrations and consequently costly damage to the machine making the entire system unstable.
Dampers and an adjustment to discharge pressure helped secure additional savings in overnight air conditioning costs, and the lobby was upgraded with LED lighting to further reduce costs for energy and maintenance.
The pump is going to add 16 feet of head, but that means that the pump inlet pressure is 16 feet (48 kPa) lower than the pump discharge pressure or 13 psig (90 kPa).
Solar's compressors continue to gain increased acceptance at higher discharge pressure levels.
2] in eight stages to a discharge pressure of 130 bar.

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