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Disciples of Christ:

see Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)Christian Church (Disciples of Christ),
sometimes called Campbellites, a Protestant religious body founded early in the 19th cent. in the United States. Its primary thesis is that the Bible alone should form the basis for faith and conduct, each individual interpreting the Bible
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African Americans joined the Stone-Campbell movement both before and after the Civil War and comprised a small but significant segment of the Disciples of Christ. Some, like Marshall Keeble, transferred to the C of C and embraced its beliefs.
In 1908, the twenty-sixth Congress met in Chicago and was a joint session with "Baptists," Free Baptists, and Disciples of Christ. Just three years later the Free Baptists merged with the Northern Baptists.
The Churches of Christ were "a church of the disinherited" with a class-conscious membership that was deeply disturbed by the materialism and hypocrisy it saw in more established churches." (4) According to David Edwin Harrell, Jr., "the spirited offspring of the religious rednecks of the postbellum South," the Churches of Christ separated from the rest of the Stone-Campbell movement or Disciples of Christ to pursue the "restoration of the New Testament church." (5) The Stone-Campbell movement was grounded in left-wing Protestant perspectives, especially in Barton Stone and Alexander Campbell's pacifism and quest for the primitive church.
* Disciples of Christ Historical Society (Nashville, Tennessee)
We still have strong church ties--Cynthia is ordained in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and I am a commissioned minister in the United Church of Christ--but we have chosen to spread our work well beyond the church.
The name Pentecost, of course, suggests the visitation of the Holy Ghost upon the disciples of Christ (Acts 2:1).
Sister Chitister said churchmen who did not take the issue of women priests seriously were not true disciples of Christ who was born of a woman.
government will have to arrest more of us, many more of us, until it learns that it has to let Vieques live in peace," declared Wilfredo Velez, a Disciples of Christ pastor.
The advisory board for the event includes a Jewish rabbi, a Benedictine nun and a Disciples of Christ minister, among others.
School chaplain Shaunie Schmoll brought an employment discrimination claim against her employer, Chapman University, which is affiliated with the Christian Church, Disciples of Christ. Schmoll was hired full-time in 1991 and claimed that the university's 1994 decision to cut her work hours in half violated the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA).
He writes about Christian Churches and Disciples of Christ (Restoration), Unitarians and Universalists (Humanistic), Adventists and Jehovah's Witnesses (Apocalyptic), Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon), the Church of Christ Scientists and Unity Movement (Spiritual), and Holiness and Pentecostalism (Ecstatic).
Klansmen worshipped very largely at Methodist, Presbyterian, Disciples of Christ, Baptist and pietistic Lutheran churches.