Disciples of Christ

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Disciples of Christ:

see Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)Christian Church (Disciples of Christ),
sometimes called Campbellites, a Protestant religious body founded early in the 19th cent. in the United States. Its primary thesis is that the Bible alone should form the basis for faith and conduct, each individual interpreting the Bible
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In 1908, the twenty-sixth Congress met in Chicago and was a joint session with "Baptists," Free Baptists, and Disciples of Christ.
Louis, where their publishing and higher education divisions and offices for social and health services are located, and in Nashville, Tennessee, home of the Disciples of Christ Historical Society.
As disciples of Christ, church personnel should be the first to register for this peace pilgrimage.
This environment makes it possible for people to be loved into excellence, and become disciples of Christ who will love him more and serve him more by following him more nearly-no longer distant followers who stay on the periphery.
In responding to this question that was shared with each person who would be making a presentation at this consultation, there are five significant developments I would identify regarding our current understanding of "believers' baptism" within the Disciples of Christ.
As disciples of Christ, joined to him through membership of his body, the church, we participate in that particular life.
He noted that groups representing the Jewish, Baptist, United Methodist, Presbyterian, Episcopal, United Church of Christ, Disciples of Christ, Unitarian and Quaker communities have strongly opposed government-subsidized job bias.
More specifically it reflects the doctrinal stand of the Disciples of Christ denomination including points about the cessation of miracles allowing no women elders or deacons and using no instrumental music in worship The book which consists of Bible verses arranged by subject with minimal commentary is half-way between a Bible study and compendium of New Testament doctrine.
The Disciples of Christ (which in some parts of the world is known as Churches of Christ), grew out of an early 19th century movement with origins in both the United Kingdom and the United States of America.
Such a life may provide one with a safe and comfortable existence but it is for this very reason that it cannot be the motivational principle behind the Church's pastoral initiatives and commitment to evangelization which require true disciples of Christ to go against the grain that is imposed by false modernity.
Again, we see the wonder and power the disciples of Christ bear in their mortal flesh, allowing them to live and serve beyond cowering, despair, or shame.
A member of the Disciples of Christ, Shelton joined their Foreign Christian Missionary Society, which, after financing his medical studies, sent him to eastern Tibet as a medical doctor.