Disciplinary Liability

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Liability, Disciplinary


in Soviet law, the liability of production and office workers for their violations of labor discipline. It is imposed through disciplinary punishments by the management of the enterprise, institution, or organization where the worker is employed or by an authorized higher agency. Disciplinary liability should be distinguished from administrative liability for violating the decrees of state administrative agencies, such as traffic and fire prevention regulations. In cases of administrative liability, a monetary penalty is imposed by agencies to which the violator is not occupationally subordinate, for example, the militia and the technical inspectorates of the trade unions.

The Basic Principles of Labor Legislation, the labor codes of the Union republics, and the Standard Factory Rules define the general system of disciplinary liability for production and office workers. Special types of disciplinary liability have been introduced to increase the liability of certain categories of workers, including supervisory and transport workers, as well as to punish particularly dangerous acts. Special disciplinary liability is thus borne by managerial and supervisory workers listed in Appendix No. 1 of the Regulations on Hearing Labor Disputes; workers to whom specific disciplinary regulations apply, including workers in rail, water, and air transport and in communications enterprises; procurators and investigators of agencies of the Procurator’s Office of the USSR; judges; and employees of administrative institutions and of economic management agencies who have violated safety and record-keeping regulations.

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But Mancini persisted with him even when Balotelli looked disinterested or became a disciplinary liability - and the manager admitted that he sometimes wanted to 'punch him in the head'.
The guilty persons were brought to disciplinary liability, the statement said.
3.Delays in the adjudication of criminal and disciplinary liability for bribery crimes in a manner that does not achieve public and private deterrence.
Other areas of expertise were also discussed, including disciplinary liability, professional evaluation and court/prosecution offices management control.
The right of the jurisdiction bodies does not result only from legal provisions, but primarily from the need claimed by the very nature of the institution of disciplinary liability; if that right was not recognized to bodies, it would, certainly destroy the achievement of the purpose pursued by the legal institution.
His topics are disciplinary regulations in sports and their connection to civil law; reviewing disciplinary sanctions in sports; disciplinary liability of football clubs for supporters' misconduct; contract and fault liability of football clubs for supporters' misconduct; and the disciplinary standard and civil law--interaction, rationale, and limitations.
A "general perception among magistrates" is mentioned according to which the decisions of the VSS in this areas "are neither transparent nor objective"."The lack of clear disciplinary standards is particularly problematic when proceedings refer to breaches of the ethics code or acts undermining the prestige of the judiciary,31 where the exact scope of disciplinary liability is unclear.
5) Disciplinary proceedings must be terminated due to the expiry of the statute of limitations for disciplinary liability.
Firstly, we indicate the disciplinary liability, which corresponds to the least serious type of facts.
POLICE have both criminal and disciplinary liability in their investigation into the deaths of the three infants that contracted Legionnaires' disease at the Hippocration Hospital in December last year.
With ten goals, 24 yellow cards and two reds in 93 league appearances for Real, the only man to have been sent off more than once for England is more of a disciplinary liability than a source of inspiration these days.