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style of popular music that flourished during the 1970s. Originating in the United States, it evolved mainly from funk, soul, and salsa and became popular worldwide. Characterized by a heavy, thumping rock and roll beat, a soulful singing style, and surging orchestrations, disco was primarily dance music, and it became the dominant musical feature of clubs throughout the country as the 1970s progressed. The music was particularly popular in the gay community, where its songs became anthems for new freedom and visibility. The first disco song is said to have been recorded in 1972; the style's heyday ran from 1973 to 1979. Among the major stars of disco were Abba, the Bee Gees, Gloria Gaynor, Labelle, Sister Sledge, Donna Summer, and the Village People. In the 1980s a strong counterreaction emerged to disco and its dominance of the pop music scene, but the style has exerted a lasting influence on pop music.


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All stand alone discotheques and all 5 Star discotheques must close down the music by 12.30 a.m.
Est-ce l'expression d'une volonte plus forte de ne pas disparaitre face a ceux qui annoncent regulierement la fin de la musique en bibliotheque et a d'autres, qui sans l'avouer directement, ne seraient peut-etre pas tres affectes par la mort des discotheques, qui n'a pas toujours ete consideree comme un element essentiel de la bibliotheque publique ?
This is not only relevant in occupational settings but also with respect to leisure activities, including firecrackers, toy pistols, and other noisy toys; loud music in discotheques, concerts, and when listening via headphones; and noisy machines and tools (Maassen et al.
The discotheques, dance halls and bars are all specifically designed for all sorts of people to have a good time.
The country is also planning to hang up "no smoking" signs shortly in restaurants that serve food, bars, discotheques, public institutions and sports centres.
Discotheques: On the basement of the Casino you will find the Copacabana,a discotheque with a big dance floor in the middle anda spacious stage,where fashion and aerobic shows take place and bands perform live until 1am before the disco night starts (open Wednesdays to Saturdays).
Throngs of people stroll down its narrow streets en route to discotheques, jazz and tango bars, art galleries, pubs and casinos.
While Korea Square has its cinemas and theaters, the rest of the area is rife with restaurants, bars, discotheques and game centers.
A 150-member team directs Havana Club sales efforts in Italy, where all supermarkets, 90,000 bars, 5,000 discotheques and 30,000 restaurants sell Havana Club.
On Saturday night, a bomb blast ripped through a popular nightclub in Kuta, a busy tourist area filled with discotheques, cafes and pubs, leaving at least 187 dead and over 300 injured.
Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen on Tuesday issued an order to shut down nightclubs, discotheques and karaoke parlors nationwide in a move aimed at clamping down on human trafficking, drug abuse and other crimes.