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discrete component

An elementary electronic device constructed as a single unit. Before the advent of integrated circuits (chips), all transistors, resistors, capacitors and diodes were discrete. Discrete components are widely used in amplifiers and other electronic products that use large amounts of current. On a circuit board, they are intermingled with the chips, and there is hardly any electronic product that does not have at least one or two discrete resistors or capacitors. See also discrete manufacturing.

Discrete and Integrated
Discrete devices and integrated circuits (chips) are used togther in almost every electronic product.

Placing the Devices
This shows discrete components being placed onto a printed circuit board. The next step is adhering them to the board by soldering. (Image courtesy of Honeywell, Inc.)
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The company serves the power discrete device and module market aligned to electric vehicles, wind and solar power generation, and high power industrial applications.
The design process will naturally change when using embedded software, so instead of manufacturing the full range of discrete device configurations, the embedded software should be instrumented to correspond to the desired configurations.
A discrete device provides its user with a greater range of options for how to integrate the dosing regimen into daily life.
Among others, Oracle and AMD intend for the project to enable Java applications to seamlessly take advantage of a GPU, whether it is a discrete device or integrated with a CPU.
The discrete device is worn on a lockable ankle strap, strengthened by steel cables.
These templates are then laminated to the heat sink to provide a solderable site for the discrete device.
A new high voltage, high power InGaP HBT discrete device has been developed that can significantly improve the efficiency of power amplifiers (PA) in cellular base stations.
Designed to operate a family of low power pilot valves, the DeviceNet Solenoid Valve is a discrete device that is hooked to a DeviceNet connection for direct control of solenoid valves.
For product information, call 1-800-866-8608 or visit the web site at www.fujitsumicro.com 64-Mbit 133PC Memory Products : Major Specifications 64-Mbit SDRAM Discrete Device Specifications Configuration: 4M x 4 banks x 4 bits: MB81F64442D-75 2M x 4 banks x 8 bits: MB81F64842D-75 1M x 4 banks x 16 bits: MB81F641642D-75 Design rule: 0.22 micron Process: Three-layer polysilicon, three-layer metal Operating frequency (clock frequency): 133 MHz Based on PC133 standards.
Based on the forecast, contracts for the company's copper wire-bonding packaging, low-pin count packaging, and discrete device packaging services will double in three years, according to Wu.
SANYO Semiconductor's core devices, including discrete device, general-use analog LSI, ASSP, and HIC, have been used in wide range of products such as PCs, printers, CTVs, cell phones, audio-visual equipments, game equipments, car stereo systems, and air conditioners.
From a discrete device perspective, there are a number of competing leadless solutions that can be used to package MOSFETs.

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