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The quantity b 2- 4 ac, where a,b,c are coefficients of a given quadratic polynomial: ax 2+ bx + c.
More generally, for the polynomial equation a0 xn + a1 xn -1+···+ anx0= 0, a02 n-2times the product of the squares of all the differences of the roots of the equation, taken in pairs.



The discriminant of a polynomial

P(x) = a0xn + a1xn−1 + … + an

is the expression

in which the product is distributed over all possible differences of the roots α1, β2, … , αn of the equation P (x) = 0. The discriminant vanishes if and only if there are equal roots among the roots of the polynomial. The discriminant can be expressed through the coefficients of the polynomial P(x) by representing it in the form of a determinant consisting of these coefficients. Thus, for the second-degree polynomial ax2 + bx + c, the discriminant is b2 − 4ac. For x3 + px + q, the discriminant is −4p3 −27q2. The discriminant differs only by a factor a0 from the resultant R(P, P′) of the polynomial P(x) and its derivative P′(x).

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Discriminant analysis is a multivariate statistical method that can distinguish newly acquired samples according to the quantitative characteristics of the existing observational sample.
To ensure the validity and reliability of the measurement model, convergence validity and discriminant validity were examined.
For this purpose, the standard Discriminant Function Analysis module STATISTICA, intended for statistical analysis and data processing, was originally used.
Some widely used credit-scoring and risk rating models are, linear discriminant analysis, logistic regression, option pricing model, KMV Expected Default Frequency model, and several new alternative approaches like survival analysis, machine-learning decision trees, neural networks, rough-set analysis, multi-dimensional scaling, self-organizing maps etc.
2] - 4x + 5 is solved using the quadratic formula, the discriminant is -4.
Enders (2003) suggested that linear discriminant function analysis is a desirable analysis for evaluating multivariate group differences.
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The discriminant validity of the inventory, assessed with a sample of 200 doctors, revealed that it discriminated well between doctors with moderate to severe burnout and doctors with normal to mild burnout (pless than 0.