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A circuit in which magnitude and polarity of the output voltage depend on how an input signal differs from a standard or from another signal.



a device that transforms a change in a control parameter of an electrical signal (at the input) into a change in the voltage (at the output).

In a discriminator the values of a parameter (amplitude, duration, polarity, frequency, and phase) of an input signal are compared to a selected (nominal) value of the parameter of a separate (reference) signal source. As a result of the comparison, a difference (misalignment) voltage arises at the output of the discriminator. Its amplitude and polarity are determined by the degree and sign of deviation of the value of the given parameter of the input signal from the nominal signal.

Discriminators are classified according to the signal parameters being compared. A pulse-height discriminator has a set triggering level and passes only signals with an amplitude higher (lower) than the nominal value. When the input and reference impulse signals coincide in time, the signal appears at the output of a time discriminator constructed as a coincidence circuit and disappears at the output of a discriminator constructed as an anticoincidence circuit. In frequency and phase detection the variations of high-frequency frequency- and phase-modulated oscillations are transformed by the discriminator into amplitude-modulated oscillations, which in most cases are then delivered to a detector. In this case, a reference signal with a fixed initial phase is used in the phase discriminator. Discriminators are used in systems for automatic control of automation and remote-control devices, in frequency and phase detectors of radio receivers, in devices in nuclear physics, and in measurement technology.


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These included revisions to: (i) add a clear step-by-step flowchart that makes explicit the first step of identifying emergency signs and asking for the presenting complaint; (ii) incorporate the ABCccD approach to identifying emergency signs from ETAT in the emergency clinical discriminators; (iii) ensure a four-level triage scale rather than a three-level scale with incorporation of ETAT priority signs and additional signs deemed necessary by the expert group; (iv) ensure that the step-by-step flowchart, clinical discriminators, TEWS and additional investigations are embedded in the wall chart for practical application; and (v) develop a separate chart with additional tasks that do not change the priority level of the patient but are beneficial to patient care.
In fact, these ZM non discriminators also showed higher ZM activity in the presence of the S1 faces that had been associated with angry expressions.
Some sense discriminators (regularly in the entries for for, from, of to; occasionally in those for on, with) are briefer (without a difference in information content) than those in other entries (e.
determines whether The Discriminator will find himself confounded; it is
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The "phobia" measure was the most important discriminator for programmable thermostat and 35mm camera and was also found in all other discriminant functions.
The discriminator assembly, shown in Figure 1, consists of five power dividers, six quadrature hybrids and eight video detector circuits, all contained in eight layers of bonded material that measures 2.
NIM module with 16 channels (spectroscopic amplifier, fast amplifier, discriminator with constant fraction) for det.
M21 BFA-The M21 doesn't have an overall NSN, but instead has three separate components: chamber and discriminator assembly, NSN 1005-01-142-2841; weapon spare parts ordnance bag, NSN 8105-01-147-9841; and M1/M1A1 tank firing attachment adapter, NSN 1005-01-218-0693.
The discriminator is obtained by using standard Mini-Circuits parts as shown in the Figure.
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