Dismas (Dysmas)

in the Apocryphal gospels, the penitent thief. [Christianity: Benét, 274]
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Dismas (ThePenitent Thief) the man who throughout his young life had been fighting to re- establish and free Israel is now calm and happy.
Feast day of St Dismas, patron saint of criminals, thieves and undertakers.
Plans to build a three-storey extension to Dismas House at Rosetta on the fringe of central Belfast have sparked a massive protest to local councillors and MPs.
The protagonist, Dismas Hardy, is not Witt's lead counsel but Keenan counsel, a term named for a California case that held that the role of a lawyer who takes over the case after the defendant is found guilty of a capital offense is to keep the jury from sentencing her to death.
If the bureau awards the bid to Dismas, it could begin operations in Kearney at that time.
It is to be welcomed that Jan Dismas Zelenka (1679-1745) has become a fully appreciated composer with a firm position in the history of music and has been performed at concerts in the Czech Republic, as well as featured on recordings (although there could be more such CDs).
Dismas Nkunda, Co-Director of the International Refugee Rights Initiative said: "The leaders of Sudan and South Sudan need to honour their responsibilities to their people and respect the human rights of all their citizens, especially those displaced from their homes by ongoing violence.
Standring, originally from England but with an address at Dismas House on Belfast's Ormeau Road, was interviewed about the videos and admitted downloading the material.
Dismas is now quietly crying as he hangs on his cross.
Also on the menu, New Harmony will host a special guest, the 2002 United States Barista Champion, Dismas Smith, from Seattle, Washington.
Tisdell has been involved in community activities as past president and board member of the Catholic Charities of Middle Tennessee, member of the finance committee of the Diocese of Nashville, and currently a board member of Dismas, Inc.
1, representatives from Dismas Family Farm, Heifer Project, Second Chance Animal Shelter and others, games and prizes.