Display Monitor


(1) A display screen that provides visual output from a computer, cable box, camera or other video-generating device. The two predominant screen technologies are LCD and OLED. See display standards, LCD, OLED, analog monitor, digital monitor and flat panel display.

(2) Software that observes the activities within a computer system. See computer monitoring.

(3) Hardware that gathers performance statistics via direct attachment to a CPU's circuit boards. See network analyzer.

(4) Firmware in a hardware device that provides control functions such as setting communications parameters. The monitor resides in a ROM or flash memory chip.
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Display Monitor


a device for the visual and objective monitoring of the quality of a television image at various points on its transmission channel (at the output of the transmitting camera, at the output of the shaping and amplifying apparatus for the video signal, and so on). The television image is observed on the display monitor’s screen during the preparation and alignment of the channel before transmitting and also during a broadcast.

Display monitors for both black-and-white and color television typically have common subassemblies: a cathode-ray picture tube (kinescope), a video signal amplifier, a line and frame scanning unit, a synchronizing pulse gate, and an electrical power supply. Unlike the usual television receiver, a display monitor has no high- and intermediate-frequency amplifying stages for the image and sound. The video signal (in black-and-white television) or the complete color signal (in color television) is fed to a display monitor (from a monitoring point) on a coaxial cable. In color-television systems used for broadcasting in various countries, the most common monitor is the display monitor with a three-beam kinescope having a shadow mask. In special-purpose sequential color-television systems a display monitor with a black-and-white kinescope is often used with a disk having red, green, and blue light filters that is rotated in front of the screen. A display monitor for color television has additional decoding devices to select the brightness and color signals from the complete color signal.


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