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The project will include a new focus on improving source data, advocating the use of the Open Data Platform for more efficient data dissemination, and expanding the country coverage to include more fragile states in Africa and the Middle East.
To study the impact of intelligence dissemination of information about customers on customers performance in horizontal levels of organization in chemical companies.
During the focus groups however it became evident that a large number of participants were reticent to be involved in the project as they were dissatisfied with the lack of dissemination of results from previous research studies which had left them wondering whether their contributions were valued and what the outcomes of the studies had been.
section] 353b ("The Secretary may require the submission of any television advertisement for a drug (including any script, storyboard, rough, or a completed video production of the television advertisement) to the Secretary for review under this section not later than 45 days before dissemination of the television advertisement").
Good practice dissemination inside the school is the dependent variable in our hypothesised model, and the teachers' perception of exchange is regarded as a significant prerequisite for dissemination effects.
The purpose of this article is to stress the importance of the intelligence dissemination phase of the intelligence process and to identify the difficulties encountered in this phase during the planning and execution of CJSO (Combined Joint Special Operations).
There are variables that predict the research dissemination and utilization in state higher education institutions in Region IV, Philippines.
Recommendation: To strengthen NASA's efforts to better inform its researchers and ensure that the policies guiding researchers and public affairs officials in their efforts to disseminate research results to other scientists and the public are well understood, the NASA Administrator should direct officials responsible for dissemination of research results through all routes to include in their efforts to inform researchers a focus on the processes researchers are to follow when they wish to appeal decisions.
Farhat Omer Bengdara, Governor of the Central Bank of Libya, noted: "Libya is committed to use the IMF's General Data Dissemination System as a general framework to continue developing the national statistical system consistent with best international practices.
In the first 24 months of the project, KP-Lab members were highly dedicated to dissemination and were engaged in various dissemination activities that contributed to the prime objective of the KP-Lab dissemination efforts which is "to make the project widely known to a variety of prospective users and, at a later stage, to promote the technological tools and pedagogical practices developed by the research programme, so that they will be incorporated and integrated in the European market and further".
Under the agreement, A would receive a onetime payment for the one-half interest; A would be responsible for virtually all C's editorial functions, and P would be responsible for all printing and dissemination costs.
There are also technical issues confronting dissemination by electronic means, specifically, archival stability and dependency on still evolving software and technology, but the all-powerful reach of the electronic form is proving irresistible.

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