distance-measuring equipment

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distance-measuring equipment

[′dis·təns ‚mezh·ər·iŋ i′kwip·mənt]
A radio aid to navigation that provides distance information by measuring total round-trip time of transmission from an airborne interrogator to a ground-based transponder and return. Abbreviated DME.
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distance-measuring equipment (DME)

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A radio navigation aid operating on frequencies in the ultrahigh frequency (UHF) spectrum between 962 and 1213 MHz and that measures the slant range of the aircraft from the ground transmitting station. In this system, the aircraft transmits a series of pulses in pairs. The ground station receives these pulses and radiates them back at a different wavelength (frequency) after a time interval of 50 microseconds. The airborne equipment measures the time elapsed between the transmitted and the received signals, subtracts 50 microseconds, and displays the result as the distance from the ground station. Operating on the line-of-sight principle, DME furnishes distance information with a very high degree of accuracy. Reliable signals may be received at distances up to 199 NM (nautical miles) at the line-of-sight altitude with an accuracy of better than ¼ mile or 3% of the distance, whichever is greater. See also line-of-sight reception.
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Airservices says the work involves the enhancement of the runway 16R ILS localiser transmitter and power systems; the replacement of runway 16R ILS glide path transmitter and power systems; installation of runway 16R far field monitors; installation of runway 16R and 34L frequency paired distance measuring equipment; and enhancements to the Sydney control tower ILS monitoring.
The facilities include instrument landing system (ILS), VHF omnidirectional range radio, distance measuring equipment (DME), meteorological observing system, precision approach lighting system, and precision approach path indicator.
The Thales instrument landing system (ILS), associated with distance measuring equipment (DME), wilt help provide safer landings.
A witness to the 27 November crash says the aircraft "really dived" into the water soon after it had intercepted the distance measuring equipment arc 11nm (20.3km) from Perpignan airport over the sea to the east.
Thales UK's facility in Chessington has signed a contract to supply and install two Cat III 420 Instrument Landing Systems (ILS) * 1 and a Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) * 2 to Manchester Airport.
Thales UK has won a contract to supply and install a Cat III ILS and Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) to Liverpool John Lennon Airport (LPL).
The ILS is typically complemented by distance measuring equipment showing pilots the distance to touchdown, or by marker beacons out in the approach path that signal pilots as they near the runway.

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