Distributed Computing Environment

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Distributed Computing Environment

(DCE) An architecture consisting of standard programming interfaces, conventions and server functionalities (e.g. naming, distributed file system, remote procedure call) for distributing applications transparently across networks of heterogeneous computers. DCE is promoted and controlled by the Open Software Foundation (OSF).

Usenet newsgroup: news:comp.soft-sys.dce.

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It will enable them to understand the principles of how to design workable, efficient protocols in any distributed computing environment.
With today's announcement, systems architects and CTOs can confidently prepare any organization for both today's and tomorrow's distributed computing environments, solving both technology and business challenges.
For financial services organizations, the solution enables the rapid movement of critical business functions, such as hedging strategies, portfolio balancing, risk management, securities pricing and end-of-day processing, to more cost-efficient, SOA-friendly cluster, grid and distributed computing environments.
As a result, users can use the generic API provided with the toolbox and integrate MathWorks distributed computing tools into their existing distributed computing environments.
Distributed computing environments demand scalable solutions that can quickly identify, alert, and automatically respond to events that could adversely affect the business.
AIGT developed InfraOpt(TM) through its experience in building and consolidating distributed computing environments.
By leveraging Avnet ESP, TurboWorx will be able to provide the market with a fully integrated, end-to-end IBM solution for creating, managing and accelerating compute and data intensive applications/workflows in heterogeneous distributed computing environments and grids.
5 establishes key benchmark measurements for improved management of distributed computing environments.
Sychron's deep knowledge of distributed computing environments has produced a practical yet powerful solution for real-time distributed resource scheduling, minimizing server over-provisioning while reducing the complexity of shared resource management.
Integrated Research (IR) (ASX:IRI), the leading developer of systems management software for high-availability, distributed computing environments, will be demonstrating the cross-platform functionality of its flagship product suite PROGNOSIS at this year's ITUG (International Tandem User Group) summit in San Jose, California, from October 27.
Today, many of the Fortune 100 are using NEON Systems solutions to enable transparent access to System/390 data and transactions from the Internet or distributed computing environments -- all without custom coding.

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